“Treasure” Life With These Four Just-Leaked, Previously Unreleased Spice Girls Tracks

Spice-girls-spice-girls-33290737-500-568If an annoyingly life-coach-y family member, coworker, partner, etc. were to approach you, right here, right now, with an affirmative message about “treasure[ing] every day of your life,” “liv[ing] beyond your limitations, yeah,” and how “sticks and stones may break our bones, but baby, names don’t hurt,” you’d probably roll your eyes and desperately try to find someone just a little more realistically cynical to talk to. But if that person just so happened to be the Spice Girls, goddamn it, you’d stand up straight and listen closely. Turns out they are.

Because, as it happens (but actually as it never happens, which is why this is so freakishly exciting), four previously unreleased Spice Girls songs (from their post-Ginger Spice days) have just appeared on Soundcloud. Vulture notes that the last track, “Right Back at Ya,” actually appears in a different version on the 2000 album, Forever. The first track, below, is “Pain Proof,” followed by “A Day in Your Life,” then “If It’s Lovin’ on Your Mind” and “Right Back at Ya.” Here they are:




UPDATE: The tracks have, it seems, been removed, but we’ll repost them if and when they reappear!