truTV Orders Shaquille O’Neal Workplace Comedy

truTV, formerly known as Court TV, has recently rebranded itself to be less legal-centric and more … well, I can’t even begin to explain what the network is doing. Sketch comedy, a reality competition “faking” show, magic tricks, and who knows what else. If picked up to series, the newest addition to its increasingly weird roster will be Shaq Inq. (working title), a workplace comedy about Shaquille O’Neal.

Shaq Inq. (please, please keep that title) is a half-hour scripted comedy loosely based on O’Neal’s business empire. According to the press release, it “follows Shaquille O’Neal and the team who runs his sprawling business empire. The offbeat, yet capable, group juggles the mayhem of managing Shaq’s existing products and endorsements while implementing his latest batch of eccentric and oftentimes brilliant business ideas. But while they’re all working towards the same goal, each employee is constantly jockeying for the power and recognition to make the big guy proud.”

It’s not the Kazaam TV adaptation I’ve been longing for but I guess it will do.