Turns Our Robert Downey Jr. Will Make That Dual Role ‘Pinocchio’


Yesterday, in writing about the questionable career trajectory of Johnny Depp, this writer made a series of suggestions for Disney animated classics that he could remake in the questionable style of Alice in Wonderland, since he has a lucrative deal with that studio and is seemingly out of ideas. One of those was as follows: “Pinocchio, starring Johnny Depp in a dual role as the title character (in kabuki make-up) and Geppetto (with an outrageous Italian accent and a peacock hat).”

Well clearly, brilliant ideas travel fast in Hollywood. According to Cinema Blend, that very project is, in fact, on the fast track—though Depp has apparently already passed (these things move so fast!) and Robert Downey Jr. is now in talks to play the roles for director Ben Stiller:

According to Bleeding Cool’s sources, Downey Jr. will be playing “a younger Gepetto than you might expect” – one around the star’s current age – and will either be using motion-capture to play the inventor’s little wooden creation or simply provide a voice for “an actual physical form.”

I’ll keep an eye out for my check, Hollywood.

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