Watch a 15-Year-Old Jennifer Connelly Audition for ‘Labyrinth’

The annals of the Internet are a magical place — so magical, in fact, that evidence of Jennifer Connelly’s mid-’80s prep perfection at age 15 is available for your viewing pleasure with just a few keystrokes. Here’s Connelly auditioning for Labyrinth, sans David Bowie, reminding us that not only was she a superb actress even before her Oscar win, but also that nobody (except maybe Brooke Shields) could pull off a thick brow and high-waisted jeans better. If you watch through to the end, you’ll hear Connelly speaking with the legendary Kermit The Frog Jim Henson himself, asking him questions about her character’s background like any thoughtful little thespian should. [via Jezebel]