Watch a Seven-Season Recap of Drinks Poured, Cigarettes Smoked, and Punches Thrown on ‘Mad Men’

John-Hamm-Mad-Men-dealIn great anticipation of the final seven episodes of AMC’s award-winning series Mad Men (the first of which premieres this Sunday, April 5), the network has released a short “Mad Men by the Numbers” video. It tallies the infamous behaviors exhibited by characters across seven seasons of the show, including the number of cigarettes smoked, joints lit, drinks poured in the office, punches thrown, and, of course, the number of women that Don Draper has slept with. And, in case you needed to be re-awed by the suave ad man/ladies’ man that is Don Draper, Flavorwire has compiled 40 of Don Draper’s best lines right here.

Watch the video: