Watch a Short Film About the World’s Last Bookshop

This beautiful little video is set in a near-future world where technology rules, physical books are near-extinct, and “original stories are lost forever.” But when one little boy’s entertainment system fails, he’s forced to go into into the world and discover the joy of books for the first time. Including the joy of the smell of books: “Old books, nothing like it,” the store’s proprietor chuckles. “E. Nesbit seems to have the best bouquet, I think. Though I found some heady Brontës the other day in a box with old pipe tobacco. You should catch a whiff of it. It’ll knock your socks off!”

The video was created by the folks at Bakery, who explain:

“We love bookshops. But we saw that many are going through tough times. We wanted to contribute to the cultural debate with our own celebration in support of these glorious independents and their shelves of treasures. So with the help of some remarkable independent bookshops, and a lot of talented friends, we have been able to make our idea for The Last Bookshop into a reality.”

Now these are our kind of people. [via Book Patrol]