Watch a Trailer for Al Pacino’s Multi-Tiered Salomé Film Project

For one night only – September 1 – Al Pacino’s adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s Salomé, starring Jessica Chastain and Pacino himself, will be screened alongside a full-length documentary about the making of the play/movie. In the trailer, Pacino discusses his preternatural affinity for the play – about a woman who seduces her stepfather into beheading the man who rejected her – and the reasons why he continues to be drawn to it, despite having worked on it so many times. The films are both from (and were screened at the Venice Film Festival in) 2011, and are only now getting theatrical release – when they were made, Chastain had not yet appeared in Tree of Life; it’s alleged that Terrence Malick was actually first drawn to her performance in this play.