Watch Hot Transgenerational Sex Scene Unfold in a Bathroom Bar in Tobias Jesso Jr.’s “Without You”

Tobias Jesso Jr. Without YouTobias Jesso Jr.’s new video for “Without You” (off his recent album, Goon) may be a simple tryst through a bar into the debauched territory of a bar bathroom — but the directness of this brief, running narrative makes it one of the more compelling music videos in recent memory.

In the video, directed by Seth Mendelson, the musician casts himself as a lounge singer, playing piano at a cocktail bar — lit like every other aphrodisiacal cocktail bar you’ve ever seen onscreen. (Danielle Haim, who plays drums on the track, does not appear in the video.) Though, given the location, you might expect a tawdry and/or numbing story, what we actually see is a transgenerational couple having a drink, dancing, then sneaking off to the bathroom to bone. As they undress each other, Jesso Jr. croons, “There is nothing out there for me without you,” and it becomes the sweetest, most legitimately sexy and atmospheric bathroom sex scene you’re likely to see in a long time. Watch: