Watch Sam Raimi’s 1978 Short Film Prequel to ‘Evil Dead’

The Evil Dead remake did bang-up business last weekend, though reviews have been mixed, with many critics comparing the film unfavorably to Sam Raimi’s original. But how did it stack up to Within the Woods? Made in 1978 on a budget of $1600, this 30-minute horror short was made by Raimi and star Bruce Campbell as a “protype” for Evil Dead, which they used to raise awareness and funds, and to try out some of the low-budget horror techniques they would use in the feature.

The full film is now streaming on Movieweb, and while the image quality is, to put it mildly, sketchy (it looks like a VHS dub of a VHS dub that’s been gathering dust in a cabin in the woods for thirty-five years), it offers a fascinating glimpse of Raimi and Campbell’s roots.

[Movieweb, via /Film]