Watch the Book Trailer for Ariel Schrag’s ‘Adam’

Ariel Schrag’s funny, smutty novel Adam has been making the rounds in the Flavorwire offices because it’s a great, hilarious read, and possibly the only book to feature a whole chapter on what an The L Word viewing party was like.

Adam is also not a book that can be summed up in a six-word sentence: it’s a coming of age story about a naive seventeen-year-old boy, Adam, and his seminal summer in 2006 New York City, where he lives with his sister and falls in love with a girl who thinks that he’s a transgender guy. However, this book trailer, cut by Schrag, sums up the story’s appeal in a succinct and sweet two minutes. This one is a rarity in the moribund genre of the book trailer: it makes you want to read the book.