Watch the Trailer for a New Documentary About The Homosexuals’ Bruno Wizard

The Homosexuals are one of the great forgotten bands of the UK punk explosion (none of them were gay, in case you’re wondering) — they only ever made one full-length album, and sort of sank into obscurity during the mid-1980s. Their flamboyant frontman Bruno Wizard remains a fascinating figure, and it’s great to report that someone’s made a documentary about him — the film is called The Heart of Bruno Wizard, and it’s the work of Norwegian director Elisabeth Rasmussen, who met the singer when she was volunteering at a homeless shelter. It turns out that Wizard has been on and off the streets for years, and his story is sad but perhaps ultimately uplifting — as the film’s tagline suggests, it’s the story of a man who followed his heart at all costs. You can watch a trailer, along with an interview with the director, above.