Watch Trailer for ‘Farah Goes Bang,’ the Only Extant Road Trip Sex Dramedy About Canvassing for John Kerry

Farah Goes Bang

It’s pretty hard to find any romance, beauty, joy or even humor in the act of canvassing: while those who do it are commendable, the idea of going door to door and politically pontificating is, for many, horrific. Even for those who do it, it’s not exactly presumed to be fun. Add to that the idea of canvassing for John Kerry, who brought about as much excitement to the potential-president plate as a boiled potato, and fun seems even less feasible. But Farah Goes Bang, a new film about the very act of canvassing for John Kerry in 2004 (and winner of Tribeca Film Festival’s Nora Ephron Prize) contests this notion.

Following a multicultural trio of friends as they traverse the swing states, post-9/11, to rack up democratic votes (and, for titular character Farah, to lose her virginity), Meera Meno’s Farah Goes Bang looks to be a fresh take on how we come to understand, as we come of age, both our national and sexual identities — and the strange ways these might be intertwined. The film, whose trailer is featured below, via Indiewire, will be released on VOD on April 10. Watch:

Here’s an older trailer for the film: