Watch Trailer for Woody Allen’s Next Romantic Film About a Young Woman/Older Man, Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone and Parker Posey

Woody Allen, Emma Stone, Joaquin Phoenix

Emma Stone is Woody Allen’s new favorite actress to pair with older actors, seeming to serve as a proxy for the characters Woody Allen may have at one point played. Last year, it was Magic in the Moonlight, and this year the film following the relatively expected trend is The Irrational Man, whose trailer was just released, and sees Stone forming a close — and eventually romantic — relationship with her philosophy professor who’s undergoing an existential crisis.

As was seen with Magic, Allen’s prolificness often makes the quality of his films a gamble, but from the Irrational Man trailer, it seems this may be one of Allen’s decent-ish film years. This is mostly due to the fact that the cast alone — apart from Stone — is enough to make anyone giddy. Parker Posey rarely gets to play such a pivotal role in mainstream movies, so the sheer fact that she seems to be getting so much screen time here is exciting; then, of course, the film’s other star (and the titular irrational man) is Joaquin Phoenix, whose emotional complexity could even make the most on-the-nose Allen character compelling and puzzling.

Up until now, details from the film were kept completely hushed (though it looks like such typical, almost-intellectualizing, certainly womanizing material from the director that the secrecy seems futile). Even the actors were only told what they needed to know. Posey told Entertainment Weekly that she’d only seen parts of the script:

I had no idea what the exact mood of the movie was. I had no idea how I fit in or how the other characters thought of me.

Alas, everyone will find out for sure what the movie is really about at its world premiere at Cannes, and then on July 17 when it hits U.S. theaters.