Wes Anderson Meets ‘The Shining’ in ‘The Grand Overlook Hotel’

Wes Anderson meets 'The Shining' in 'The Grand Overlook Hotel'

In the odd YouTube subculture of trailer re-cuts/mash-ups, few films are as well-represented as The Shining—after all, The Shining Recut” was one of the very first of its kind, nearly a decade ago (yes, you read that right), and it’s one of the few movies to get what amounted to a feature-length, theatrically released YouTube analysis video. So if you feel like you don’t need to see another video editor with too much time on his/her hands doing something clever with The Shining, we understand. But then you’d miss seeing Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen King’s book fused with the style and sensibility of Wes Anderson.

Filmmaker/editor/hero Steve Ramsden put together this fast, funny “trailer” for The Grand Overlook Hotel, which combines images and snippets from Kubrick’s classic and Anderson’s recent Oscar winner, to gratifyingly satisfying effect. It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise—after all the two filmmakers share a similar sense of composition and fastidiousness—but Ramsden’s juxtapositions are inventive and hilarious, resulting in one of the best fake trailers we’ve ever seen.

[via The Film Stage]