What Happens After a Canadian Writer and Stephen King Both Title a Book ‘Joyland’

Emily Schultz is a Canadian author whose Hitchcock-y, described as “the lovechild of Naomi Wolf and Stephen King” work The Blondes gets an American release in April 2015. Her debut novel, published in 2011, was called Joyland.

Stephen King is a literary legend, the author of fifty-plus novels in the past thirty-plus years. Last year, he published a print-only novel called… Joyland.

It’s a little confusing, right? On Amazon, King fans have been accidentally purchasing Schultz’s debut and then, frustrated by the confusion, they’ve been leaving negative reviews on her Joyland page. Really, those reviews should be about Amazon’s algorithm, not Schultz’s writing. But Schultz is getting the last laugh with a blog called Stephen King Money, where she lists the things she’s buying due to the uptick in her Joyland residuals. Watch as a writer goes really crazy like she’s in The Shining or something and gets a good haircut and a great meal!

Here’s a spooky trailer for Schultz’s The Blondes: