Woody Allen Wants to Act with Louis C.K., “Toying” with a Return to Stand-Up


The New York Times’ Dave Itzkoff, in working up an excellent piece on women in Woody Allen’s films, also uncovered a couple of interesting tidbits about the stand-up comics in his new movie—and his own possible return to the form.

Louis C.K. and Andrew Dice Clay both appear in supporting roles in Blue Jasmine, and both are excellent. Allen tells the Times that Louie was originally considered for the role that Dice ultimately played, but he was a little too likable for that role, “so we used him to play the sweeter guy.” And then he drops this bit of information: “I’d love to do a movie with him and me, a comedy. I’m looking for some idea that would work, for the two of us to do. Of course I hope that people aren’t disappointed that I don’t act with him [in Blue Jasmine], and he doesn’t have a commensurately comic part with his talent. But some day, I will get something that we could do together, because I do think it would be fun. I’m such a great fan of his.”

And if that’s not reason enough for comedy nerds’ hearts to get all a-flutter, get ready for this:

Q. Does working with comedians ever inspire you to revisit your own career as a standup?

A. I was inspired the other night – in the other room here where I play [the Cafe Carlyle at the Carlyle Hotel], I saw Mort Sahl. He flew in from San Francisco, and he worked three late shows and he was wonderful. He’s slowed up a little now because he’s 85. He’s not as rapid as he was when was he was 35. But all the stuff is still there. Watching him, I had the same feeling now, in 2013, as I had when I saw him in 1950-something. Of, “Hey, I’d like to get back onstage and do standup again.” He inspired me then to be a standup comic, and all these years later, I thought of it again because of him. He makes that phenomenon so enticing.

Q. Could you fit a standup tour into your schedule when you’re making a new movie every year?

A. I was thinking of it. Since I saw him, I’ve just been toying with the idea. I would love to see if I could. Just getting together an hour of stuff to talk about would be a lot of work.

Just as a reminder, the last time Woody did stand-up, here’s what happened:

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