Yes, Steven Soderbergh is Tweeting a Novella


Steven Soderbergh may be “retired,” but he’s keeping awfully busy these days, and you can add one more side gig to his already full dance card of painter, television director, and film historian: Twitter novelist. The Twitter account @bitchuation isn’t officially verified as Soderbergh, and that’s probably the way he wants it; in his terrific Vulture interview back in January, he admitted, “I created a sort of shadow name that I’ve posted a few things on,” and Steven Weintraub of Collider reports that he got a confirmation from Soderbergh that @bitchuation is said account (and the profile picture, above, certainly looks like Soderbergh–with a porno mustache–though he recently changed to it a more mysterious image). He’s used it intermittently for the past few months, tweeting peculiar one-liners and observations that recall the bizarre, semi-surrealist humor of his wonderful, underseen Schizopolis. And then, last night, he decided to write a novella on Twitter.

It’s called Glue, and it’s funny and strange and somewhat inexplicable and sort of great. Buzzfeed collected the first chapter here; you can read the rest (he finished chapter seven last night) on his Twitter page.