You Can No Longer Sing Adele, Bon Jovi on Karaoke Night

Joining the ranks of Prince — whose vigilant opposition to music sharing has made your Tuesday night rendition of “Kiss” almost impossible —  several prominent recording artists have placed their music on a “no-fly” list among karaoke producers. Reasons remain unclear as to why Adele, Bon Jovi, and Dave Grohl have all refused to license their works for karaoke purposes, according to Digital Music News. Their names were included on a list released on June 20th at the Karaoke Cloud Music City Summit, which was a real thing that we’re very sorry to have missed.


Key figures in the karaoke industry are understandably chagrined. “One might think that a songwriter would remember what brought them fame and fortune,” Joe Vangieri, CEO of Digitrax Entertainment, told Digital Music News. “But perhaps some of these individuals have forgotten what caused them to fall in love with music in the first place.”