Zach Braff is Funding His ‘Garden State’ Follow Up on Kickstarter

It seems like a proposition worthy of an eye-roll: hyper-twee, sad white actor Zach Braff turns to Kickstarter to fund a follow-up to hyper-twee, sad white movie Garden State. But after watching the video — a pretty adorable and yes, heartfelt affair — you may just find yourself on board. Wish I Was Here will be a tonal follow-up (though not a sequel) to Braff’s 2004 dramedy Garden State — the 30s to that film’s 20s, if you will — and will center on a wayward 35-year-old who still kind of dreams of being a space knight. Well, who knows, but as of this writing, the project is creeping up on $600,000 of its $2 million budget, and it’s been live for less than a day. It may be no Veronica Mars, but it’s looking good.