Decadent Photos From Legendary 1980s New York Nightclub Area

New York’s history is full of truly great spots where people went to dance, hook up, party, watch celebrities do all of those things, and most importantly, get photographed. Lower Manhattan club Area was that place between 1983 and 1987, during that weird post-Factory, post-disco, post-punk, pre-Giuliani, pre-Brooklyn renaissance era that, crucially, coincided with the growing AIDS crisis that changed New York nightlife forever. Sadly (not to mention predictably), the building that once housed Area has been turned into condos, but the club lives on in Area: 1983-1987, Eric and Jennifer Goode’s chronicle of its short, memorable life. Click through to preview a few of the book’s many incredible… Read More

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Incredible Photos of the New York City Subway During the 1980s

Steven Siegel has been photographing the streets and subways of New York City for 30 years, and his Flickr album is a time capsule of a grittier, feral city — before Times Square was scrubbed clean and 9/11 changed the metropolis forever. In honor of the first subway opening today back in 1904, we’ve shared a collection of Siegel’s remarkable photos that capture the underground world bustling with graffiti-covered trains. Several of the images were taken in a junkyard where the metal behemoths were waiting to be demolished. Siegel and friends created several dreamlike scenarios (in a pre-Photoshop era) with clever angles, poses, and accidental exposures. Many of these areas would be off-limits to the public now thanks to tightened security measures, but those were different times. Take a closer look in our gallery. Visit Siegel’s Flickr page for a trip back to New York in the 1980s. … Read More

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Poignant Photos of Uninhibited Gay Sunbathers in 1980s Chicago

When Doug Ischar captured gay male sunbathers on Chicago’s Belmont Rocks beach, now a defunct social hot spot, he wanted to push the boundaries of “gay photography” out of the studio setting and instill a social context. Marginal Waters was shot during the height of the AIDS crisis in the 1980s, when visibility amongst the gay community was under threat, and the specter of the disease surrounded Ischar’s tan subjects. The works reveal a beautiful, uninhibited intimacy shared between men as Ischar’s lingering lens contemplates the poetics of loss. The nearly 30-year-old images feel surprisingly contemporary. Their context continues to be explored through Ischar’s experimental films and installations — and in a recent survey of Ischar’s career at Gallery 44 in Toronto. See more of Ischar’s sunbathers, courtesy of Golden Gallery, below. … Read More

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The Most Bizarre Tie-In Merchandise from ’80s Movie Classics

Your Flavorwire resisted the temptation to wade into the recent controversy over those collectible figures from Quentin Tarantino’s Djanjo Unchained, but we’ll say this much: it’s important to remember that those toys were aimed at adult collectors, while we can recall (or have managed to suppress our memories) of some thoroughly strange movie tie-ins from our youth that were aimed directly at kids. After the jump, stroll back to the ‘80s with us, when any movie was marketable to anyone, no matter how bizarre or inappropriate. … Read More

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Eccentric Photos Capturing the Many Faces of Nina Hagen in the 1980s

During the height of her glorious punk/post-punk weirdness, Nina Hagen visited the New York City studio of Gilles Larrain, who we discovered on Behance, for a series of improvised photo shoots. With newborn daughter Cosma Shiva in tow, the German singer and actress revealed her many faces — mannered, flamboyant poses and ensembles that prove why she’s a beloved and eccentric style icon. See the “mother of punk” take over Larrain’s SoHo studio in our gallery. … Read More

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There’s Going to Be a Live-Action ALF Movie

Now for the most random nostalgia news of the day: there’s going to be a life-action ALF movie. The 1980′s sitcom star was a jolly extraterrestrial nicknamed ALF (Alien Life Form) who crashed into a suburban home and was taken in by the Tanner family.

ALF creator — and the voice of the wisecracking creature — Paul Fusco… Read More

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A Taxonomy of 1980s Film Dads

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and while you’re hurriedly evaluating his taste in cologne and neck ties for a last minute gift (hopefully not, because we have a list of better presents he’d prefer over here), take a break with us for a look back at some fantastic film fathers. The 1980s was a great decade for dads who ranged from classic Cliff Huxtable types to more angsty and outrageous patriarchs. We’ve categorized them in a handy taxonomy past the break. See if you can figure out where your pops might fall on the list before sending off that Father’s Day card, and chime in with your own suggestions below. … Read More

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Beautiful Celebrity Illustrations and Pop Culture Collages

Barcelona-based illustrator Berto Martínez creates beautiful portraiture, and his “celebrity” gallery recently caught our eye. His subjects range from film stars and musicians to well-know writers. Martínez often combines several different figures in his compositions. The organic collages fit nicely together, providing a creative snapshot of pop culture moments in time. We were glad to see Michael J. Fox hanging out with Mark-Paul Gosselaar and friends. Visit Martínez’s illustrations of famous figures like Amy Winehouse and Quentin Tarantino past the break. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we recalled 2011′s biggest band beefs, two of which involved Bon Iver. We met the entire Nintendo family, in a piece of deviantART that depicts all of its countless major characters. We watched a bizarre pair of elderly Christian twin sisters perform a pantomime to Radiohead’s… Read More

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Gallery: Illustrations of ’80s Cartoon Heroes in Vintage Clothes

Chilean artist Fab Ciraolo illustrates hazy, candy-colored images of ’80s cartoon heroes lounging around in their finest vintage garb. Hipster-esque versions of television’s most-loved characters from shows like He-Man, Thundercats, Rainbow Brite, and Jem are decked out in plaids and florals for the amusing series Old School Heroes. If you’ve ever wanted to see what an old-timey He-Man looks like while he golfs on Sundays with Duncan or what She-Ra might wear out shopping with her girls Frosta, Castaspella, and Mermista, click through our slide show for more. … Read More

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