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10 Shows About Contemporary Life in New York City, Ranked

Today, Vimeo begins its foray into original programming with High Maintenance, a web series that the site picked up after its critically acclaimed first season. The six new episodes (three available now, three in 2015) continue to follow a delivery weed dealer as he bikes around selling to, and interacting with, a variety of customers. Despite the logline, High Maintenance isn’t a stoner comedy but rather a lovely and sometimes poignant series of character studies about multiple eccentric residents of Brooklyn. New York City may be overflowing with material, but it’s a tricky setting to nail down — especially because New Yorkers tend to be hyper-critical while watching our city on screen (really, how hard is it to research basic subway stops?) — so it’s always worth praising when a series gets it right. Here are the ten best and worst currently-airing shows about life in New York City, including High Maintenance, ranked. … Read More

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TV Season Finales for May 5-May 11

May marks the formal end of the television season which means each week this month is packed with season (and… Read More

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20 of the Weirdest TV Merch Items You Can Buy

Television fan culture has blossomed into something huge and wonderful. There are so many TV shows that have a rabid and obsessive group of eager fans who love to buy merchandise related to their favorite shows and characters. I should know — my apartment is overflowing with memorabilia from The SimpsonsBeavis & Butt-HeadCommunity, etc. — but sometimes networks go beyond simple T-shirts and magnets and start selling everything from costumes to sofas to swords. Here are 20 examples of the weirdest television merchandise that you can buy. … Read More

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Ranking 20-Somethings’ TV Jobs from Most to Least Realistic

When Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf takes an internship at W in Season 4, she has her boss’s job by the next episode. But when Hannah Horvath asks for a salary at her unpaid publishing internship in the pilot episode of Girls (premiering this Sunday at 10:30 on HBO) she gets fired. As any 20-something can attest, the latter scenario feels painfully real. Internships are the new entry-level job, and they don’t always guarantee advancement or pay (unless you do have a last name like “Waldorf”). Which of course got us thinking. If Hannah is “at least a voice of a generation” — someone who feels as lost as she does destined to be heard — which of her TV peers also qualify as  real voices of today’s 20-something crowd? And who doesn’t? To investigate we did a survey of their career paths, ranking from “as real as your local government ” to “her work-shirt doesn’t have a midriff.” Please feel free to disagree, and add any we missed! … Read More

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The Most Racially Stereotyped Characters on TV Right Now

It’s great that television writers and producers are slowly making pop culture more diverse, but that doesn’t mean every non-white character on TV represents a step forward. Some programs seem to do nothing but pump racial stereotypes into the public sphere, which is just really disappointing in 2012. From geeky and pathetic Asian characters to a biracial genie who’s literally an object in a white lady’s house, our top picks after the jump. Let us know about any other questionable depictions that have been bugging you in the comments. … Read More

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10 Sitcoms That Actually Moved Women Forward

‘Tis the season to be a woman on TV comedies. If you’ve spent the last few months living in a television-less cave, you might be surprised to discover that we’ve reached a bit of a renaissance of female-driven network sitcoms. (Also, you might be surprised to be back in society! In that case, hello! Hope your time in the cave was okay!) The latest primetime trend is usually a pretty boring and inconsequential thing to discuss, but we’re now at a moment in which a significant portion of the surviving and debatably thriving fall sitcoms have women as their comedic leads (See: New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, Whitney, etc.). If you ask us, that’s a pretty neat thing!

Still, while we love that these funny ladies are dismantling the boys club of primetime TV while simultaneously getting a shot to spice up the comedy scene, we can’t help but wonder if these shows themselves are doing all that we proclaim they are. If you ask us, it’s not even about feminism, per se; it’s more about pushing the envelope by including female-specific perspectives in humor. (A little less banal period jokes, a little more Bridesmaids, you know?) After the jump, we’re taking a look at some of the great females of sitcom history. Consider it our attempt to remind Zooey that fabulous bangs does not an instant comedic legend make. … Read More

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The 10 Characters You Meet on Primetime TV

Everyone knows that primetime TV is a stronghold of stock characters, gender stereotypes, and cheap jokes. All of which is, ahem, half the reason we love it so much. No matter how far our society seems to advance, stereotypes sell, so they keep popping up on the small screen — even, we’ve noticed, pushing the boundaries of how offensive they can get. Just for analyzation purposes, we’ve picked out ten of the character tropes on modern television, from the epic nerd to the hot girl, that we seem to keep seeing over and over again, for better or for worse. Click through to see our list, and if we’ve missed any of your favorite stock characters, be sure to let us know in the comments! … Read More

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The 10 Most Annoying Characters on TV Right Now

With every new TV season, we welcome a fresh crop of characters into our lives — heroes, villains, antiheroes, mouthy city girls, eccentric co-workers, werepanthers. This fall is no different, although in our rush to watch the flood of new programming, we’ve begun to notice how many of these fictional folks actually annoy the crap out of us. So, after the jump, we’re telling freshman sitcoms and beloved dramas alike how we really feel about their overbearing friends and desperate housewives. Let us know which TV characters you find irritating in the comments. … Read More

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Hipsters on TV: A Retrospective from Fonzie to ‘Portlandia’

The oxymoronical has happened: Hipsters have gone mainstream. After two weeks on the air, it’s clear that NBC’s Two Broke Girls and Fox’s New Girl are ratings hits — attracting around 12 million and nine million viewers, respectively. What the sitcoms have in common is young female protagonists who (due to living in Williamsburg, baking cupcakes, and dating musicians or wearing glasses and being portrayed by Zooey Deschanel) could fairly be described as hipsters. And it looks like the trend is only just beginning: 25-year-old micro-budget filmmaker Lena Dunham is currently prepping a show called Girls for HBO, and MTV recently gave viewers a sneak preview of the pilot for the Wavves-scored I Just Want My Pants Back, about 20-something creative types living in Brooklyn. (Don’t worry if you missed out — it may well have been the worst half-hour of television we have ever watched.)

But just because they seem to be having a renaissance in 2011, that doesn’t mean hipsters are new to TV. In honor of an archetype whose roots stretch all the way back to the ’50s, we’ve compiled a retrospective of our favorite hipster television characters, from Happy Days to Portlandia. Since we figure you probably know about some incredibly obscure shows we wouldn’t have heard of, we hope you’ll assume your best elitist voice and tell us who we missed in the comments. … Read More

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First Impressions: Is ‘2 Broke Girls’ Trying Too Hard to Be Cool?

Youth. Cosmopolitanism. Diversity. Sass. Raunchiness. And, most of all, coolness. These are the themes that the new, Whitney Cummings-created, Kat Dennings-starring 2 Broke Girls is trying to sell us. The fact that it airs on CBS — a network notorious for its older demographic — and happens to be a multi-camera sitcom with a laugh track, at a time when most young and discerning viewers prefer the more realistic, single-camera stylings of NBC’s Thursday night comedy line-up, is only the first hint that something isn’t quite right. We tuned in to last night’s series premiere of 2 Broke Girls with high hopes (especially since we found its de facto rival show, New Girl, so disappointing), and while we still find it promising, Cummings and co. are going to have to do a lot of tweaking to reach the viewers they seem so desperately to want. … Read More

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