12 American Hit Movies That Caused International Controversy

Zhang Jieli, an officer in the People’s Liberation Army, took to the pages of the People’s Liberation Army Daily to warn Chinese moviegoers that Guillermo del Toro’s monsters-fighting-robots epic Pacific Rim is, in fact, a big ol’ slab of American propaganda that “exported the U.S.’s rebalancing of its Asia-Pacific strategy.” For decades now, American movies have set off controversies, battles, and outright bans around the world. Here are a few prominent… Read More

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The Most Imaginative Design of 2012

With the New Year almost upon us, we thought we’d take the time to fit in one last curated look in the rear view mirror. As legendary renaissance man and International Best Dressed Hall of Famer Cecil Beaton once said, “be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.” We’ve taken a look at some of the best designs from the past year that do anything but play it safe. From clothing to dress up outdated chairs, a couch you can draw on to a wearable pillow that lets you nap anywhere, including imaginative architecture and fashion, click through to check out our favorite inspiring, avant-garde design from 2012. … Read More

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An Earth Day Video: TV’s Greatest Environmental Heroes

ALF once said, “Public lawns are not like pizzas. You can’t just pick up the phone and order more.” It’s hard to ignore sage advice like this, so as a little inspiration for everyone this Earth Day, we’ve collected some of our favorite moments in TV’s ongoing environmental crusade—set to the tune of one of the greatest green episodes in history, Community‘s “Environmental Science,” featuring the rock band Greene Daye. Other appearances include: Captain Spock, Kristen Wiig, live-action dinosaurs, and Doogie Howser attending a very sick Mother Earth (played by Bette Midler in ABC’s unforgettable The Earth Day Special). Click through to watch our video, and let us know which “green” TV episode has been your own favorite in the comments! … Read More

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Watch California Get Destroyed: A 5-Minute Clip from 2012

If you live in California, we’re sorry. Your beloved state gets swallowed up by the Earth first. Your only chance of survival is to rent a plane with John Cusack and fly to momentary safety. In preparation for the November 13th release of 2012, Columbia Pictures pictures staged what SlashFilm calls “the largest American media roadblock ever.” Apparently, a “2-minute clip from 2012 on the major broadcast networks, local stations in the top 70 markets, and nearly 450 television stations in North America.” The media assault continued on the web, allowing us to fully appreciate a 5-minute clip of the Mayan apocalypse. What do you think? Screenshots after the… Read More

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Pic of the Day: Norman Foster’s £1 Billion Terminal

Londonist provides pictures of Heathrow airport’s new terminal, designed by architect Norman Foster’s firm. The environmentally-friendly (save for all the fuel-guzzling planes that will use it, anyway) terminal is set to replace Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, longtime standbys at the world-class airport. Terminal East won’t open until 2019, but we think England is gearing up to show off its fancy design when the Olympics come to town in summer… Read More

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Exclusive: Girl Talk Waxes on Broken Teeth and Breaking it Down with Big Boi

With his fourth full-length album, last year’s Feed the Animals, Girl Talk has successfully cultivated the type of mythos and ritual commonly afforded to seasoned performers. Flavorpill’s Ali Gitlow rang Gillis up in the thick of summer-festival season to chat about choosing bands to tour with, crowd surfing over his family, the mystical potential of the year 2012, and a future foray into… Read More

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