10 Reruns Networks Should Show Instead of Their Current, Low-Rated Series

Here’s one of those instances where you have to remember that The Onion and A.V. Club are separate entities, so when you see a headline like, “Things are so bad for NBC, The Office and 1600 Penn are being bumped in favor of Matlock reruns,” you realize that this is not a parody story, but a thing that actually happened. Yes, WKYC, the Cleveland affiliate for NBC (which finished the last sweeps period in fifth place, behind CBS, Fox, ABC, y Univision) preempted last Thursday’s reruns of The Office and Law and Order: SVU, and a new episode of 1600 Penn, to air a two-hour Matlock episode from 1992. And here’s the best part: in the first hour, WKYC got better ratings for a show old enough to be a drinking human than it did for brand-new programming from the struggling Peacock. The Cleveland station may be onto something: what if networks replaced new shows dwelling in the ratings cellar with reruns of classics that would appeal to the same (or a larger) audience? We’ve got some suggestions after the jump. … Read More

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TV’s Greatest High School Nerd Transformations

With the recent Bunheads finale, the fast-approaching end of Awkward’s second season, and a promising Inbetweeners reboot, we confess we’ve gotten caught up in a lot of teen angst these past few weeks. So since we’re in the state of mind, we decided to look at some of the great high school series in television history and their nerd spawn. Like the teenage protagonists of the aforementioned shows, these characters all started out uncool, insecure, and/or sartorially challenged. And then of course, they grew up. You can click through for some before and after shots we dug up, and hope you’ll let us know about any great geek transformations we might have missed. And now, we’ll be making our way back to the couch for more adolescent love triangles, camera phone farce, and woefully instructive tales of sex.  … Read More

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Ranking 20-Somethings’ TV Jobs from Most to Least Realistic

When Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf takes an internship at W in Season 4, she has her boss’s job by the next episode. But when Hannah Horvath asks for a salary at her unpaid publishing internship in the pilot episode of Girls (premiering this Sunday at 10:30 on HBO) she gets fired. As any 20-something can attest, the latter scenario feels painfully real. Internships are the new entry-level job, and they don’t always guarantee advancement or pay (unless you do have a last name like “Waldorf”). Which of course got us thinking. If Hannah is “at least a voice of a generation” — someone who feels as lost as she does destined to be heard — which of her TV peers also qualify as  real voices of today’s 20-something crowd? And who doesn’t? To investigate we did a survey of their career paths, ranking from “as real as your local government ” to “her work-shirt doesn’t have a midriff.” Please feel free to disagree, and add any we missed! … Read More

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The Best of the Worst TV Cast Feuds

Everyone loves a good off-screen TV feud, eh? Even some of our favorite, friendliest sitcom stars have found themselves targets of a bitter costar’s angry words. Why? It’s usually a matter of jealousy, annoyance, or an extramarital affair with Sienna Miller, but more on that later. We get it — when you’re working with a small group of people as closely and consistently as a successful television show requires, you’re bound to get your feathers ruffled at some point or another, right? Check out a selection of nine noteworthy TV cast feuds after the jump, and hit the comments to pick a side. … Read More

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Surprising Real Age Differences Between TV Parents and Their Kids

These days, the average American first-time mother is 25 years old. But, as we know, TV doesn’t always do a great job of representing real life. Over the years, we’ve squinted into our televisions, wondering how old the actors we see playing teenagers really are and why their parents seem so young and vivacious. Now that curiosity has finally gotten the better of us, we’ve done some math and figured out the real age differences between TV parents and their fictional offspring. We think you’ll be as fascinated as we are at by the results — which includes several moms who would have been in pregnant in middle school and even an actress who was older than the man who played her dad. … Read More

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Mad Men Characters and Their 90210 Counterparts

[Editor’s note: Flavorwire is counting down our most popular features of 2010. This post comes in at position number 9. It was originally published September 2, 2010.] As we’re sure your Facebook or Twitter feeds have already reminded you, today is 9/02/10 — as in Beverly Hills. Now, we may all have taken up more sophisticated TV fare in the years since the teen soap’s heyday, but we are still ready to argue that 90210 is a show worth celebrating. In fact, we’ve realized that it isn’t so different from our latest quasi-highbrow cable obsession, Mad Men. To prove it, we’ve matched Mad Men characters with their 90210 equivalents — and the parallels are downright eerie. … Read More

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Pic of the Day: Steve Sanders, Avon Lady

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but how can we value a photo that actually destroys our childhood? TV Squad fills us in on the story behind it: It seems Ian Ziering, who played Beverly Hills, 90210‘s playboy lothario Steve Sanders, is now a cosmetics salesman. He’s promoting a line of voodoo anti-aging… Read More

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10 of the Most Traumatic Fictional Divorces on Film and TV

If you’re a Huffington Post reader, you know that amid all the crowdsourced opinion writing, the site has tons of bizarre fixations, ranging from celebrity nip slips to alternative health. Now, it’s launching a new section on divorce, founded and edited by none other than Nora Ephron. Considering that HuffPo doesn’t currently have a vertical on, say, relationships, this seems a bit backwards to us. But we concede that it’s an intriguing idea. In anticipation of the section’s debut, we present 10 of film and TV’s most traumatic divorces — but only the fictional ones, because we know we’re not the only people sick of thinking about Jon and Kate. … Read More

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Beverly Hills, 90210: Where Are They Now?

It has been 20 years ago this week since Aaron Spelling unleashed this high school soap on the world, but if last month’s buzz surrounding 90210 Day is indication, it still has a firm place in the pop culture zeitgeist. And what about its stars? For simplicity’s sake, we’re only going to focus on the main characters from the West Beverly High years, or you could be reading all day. … Read More

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