Watch ’90s Christian Nerds Decry ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ as Witchcraft

If you thought that far-right groups claiming Harry Potter is evil and the Muppets are communists was a purely 21st-century, Fox News-related phenomenon, we invite you to enjoy some hilarious proof that there’s nothing new about decrying popular children’s entertainment as a tool of Satan. Rich Juzwiak has edited together some highlights from a ’90s VHS called Not Just Fun and Games, in which three middle-aged men play with — no, strike that, absolutely freak out about — a whole table full of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys. Pop musicians aren’t safe from the trio’s wrath, either: Michael Jackson and MC Hammer (“not a role model we as Christians should emulate, though he claims to be a Christian”) also get the thumbs-down, while Vanilla Ice is judged to be “talented at making money.”

This is obviously a funny video, but we can’t help seeing something a little sad in it, too. There’s something about the part when the guy with the mustache and mullet is excitedly explaining how the Ninja Turtles’ “white magic” is just like the light side of the Force that made us think, “What this poor man really wants is to be a hardcore sci-fi nerd, but he’s repressing that urge because he’s pretty sure God hates Star Wars.” Anyway, maybe that’s just what we’re reading into it. Judge for yourself after the jump. … Read More

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The Best of ’90s-Inspired Cosplay

Inspired by this amazing Daria photo shoot from deviantART user SoDespair, we decided to scour the Internet for some of the best ’90s-inspired cosplay that we could find. The super meta part in all this is that even though what we now call “cosplay” has been around for ages (you might know it better as “playing dress up,” only really, really well), its soaring popularity took off in the US during the 1990s, thanks to an increasing interest in Japanese anime. Since then, film and television fans have combed through pop culture’s most colorful characters to come up with what are, in many cases at least, truly incredible costumes. Some cosplayers truly transform their roles by staging a scene straight out of the past, while others can be admired for their spot-on caricatures no matter where they flaunt them. Click through for our roundup of seriously ’90s cosplay, and let us know in the comments which costume gets your vote. … Read More

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Video of the Day: ‘Adventures of Pete & Pete’ Cast Reunion

For many children of the ’90s, Nickelodeon’s The Adventures of Pete & Pete was the first truly bizarre TV show we ever loved. As a result, it’s made a sizable impact on our generation’s collective consciousness. So we were pretty jealous when we read about the Pete & Pete reunion that went down last weekend at Los Angeles’s Cinefamily, bringing together the show’s cast and creators for the first time in 15 years. Thankfully, there’s video. About 95 minutes of it, even. Big Pete, Little Pete, Artie, and the twisted minds behind the show reflect on their quasi-surrealist masterpiece, which the creators say was an attempt to depict the strangeness of growing up from a kid’s perspective. We have only one gripe: Where’s Ellen? Oh, and be warned — there’s a whole lot of intro before the panel takes the stage almost 12 minutes into the first clip. … Read More

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Listen to Demos of Smashing Pumpkins’ “Today,” “I Am One”

Ah, the early ’90s. Overalls were in fashion. Baby boomers were griping about Generation X instead of Millennials. Billy Corgan still had hair, didn’t have conspiracy theories about swine flu, and wasn’t hanging out with Jessica Simpson or Tila Tequila. And, perhaps as a result, it wasn’t even faintly embarrassing to like the Smashing… Read More

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Video of the Day: Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins Play Twister

The relationship between Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins — particularly Kurt Cobain and Billy Corgan — has been on our minds lately, thanks to Courtney Love’s epic quote in an excerpt from Craig Marks and Rob Tannenbaum’s new oral history of MTV. Although the interview was supposed to be about the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video, Love, of course, took it her own way, leaving us with a paragraph that details her first time with Cobain but also includes the sentence “I’d flown there to fuck Billy Corgan, who still had lots of hair.”

In any case, today we bring you a completely context-free video, which seems to be raw footage from MTV, of Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins playing Twister together in front of a crowd of fans. The undisputed star of the clip is Krist Novoselic, who has stripped down to his briefs, greased himself up with Crisco, and eventually ends up between Dave Grohl’s legs. Cobain, meanwhile, is pretty quiet until the end, when he and his band mates turn the friendly competition into an all-out wrestling match. Smashing Pumpkins, sadly, aren’t nearly as much fun. We’ve always preferred Nirvana to Smashing Pumpkins, but now we know for sure who we would rather have partied with ca. 1992. … Read More

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’90s Teen Movie Characters: Where Are They Now?

The first trailer for the millionth American Pie sequel, American Reunion, has been making the rounds over the past few days, and lots of attention has been paid to its raunchiness. Frankly, though, the clip neither impresses nor scandalizes us. Sure, there’s Jason Biggs caught in yet another masturbation-related debacle — a dead giveaway that the new movie is nothing more than another attempt to cash in on old jokes and poor character development. Despite being disappointing, the trailer did get us thinking about how some of our other favorite teen movie characters might have fared in the past decade or two. After the jump, we revisit everyone from Cher Horowitz to Lucas from Empire Records to find out where they are now. … Read More

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Video: Wake Up and Smell the ’90s

“Honey, it’s the ’90s, remember? Microchips, microwaves, faxes, air phones … ” says Holly (Bonnie Bedelia) to hubby and action god John McClane (Bruce Willis) in Die Hard 2. Indeed it was. It’s Hammer time to stroll down memory lane with some of TV and film’s most memorable characters from the ’90s in this new supercut from Everything is Terrible. The ’90s was no time to play hero, you could be anything you wanted to be, and nobody was getting laid — at least according to these guys. Check it. … Read More

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How to Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of ‘Nevermind’

Go home. (Seriously, don’t try to listen while you’re still at work because it will either distract you or become background noise.) Find the earliest copy of Nevermind you still own — not the mp3s, unless it came out before you were born, but the actual CD or even the tape. Pour yourself a drink, or do whatever it is you do to calm down after putting in your 40 or 50 or 60 hours a week. Get out your headphones. Hopefully they’re nice ones, because the last thing you want is for “Smells Like Teen Spirit” to sound tinny. Turn up the volume a few notches past what’s comfortable, press “play,” and get to the business of head banging. You will inevitably want to scream along. If there is anyone else at home who will complain about this, ask them politely to leave. Then: Enjoy. Regress. Angst. Revel. Mourn.

But, since there are still a few more hours left in the work day and we’re sure you’re already in the mood to pay tribute to Kurt Cobain, Nirvana, and Nevermind, we’ve rounded up some of the best mementos the Internet has to offer, after the jump. … Read More

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Child Actors Who Should Have Quit While They Were Ahead

Taylor Momsen isn’t just finished with Gossip Girl; she’s done with Hollywood, period. “I quit acting,” she told Elle.com, and now Momsen plans to devote all of her energy to her band, The Pretty Reckless. Her announcement has prompted derisive cheers from haters the web over, but, if she means it, we’re legitimately impressed by the 18-year-old star’s decision. Here’s the thing: For every Jason Bateman or Drew Barrymore, there is a former child actor who is still desperately hanging on to any mediocre role or shred of reality-TV fame he can get. After the jump, we round up ten celebrities who would have done well to emulate Momsen and quit while they were ahead. … Read More

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Video: Was ‘Friends’ Homophobic?

Here at Flavorpill, we’ve often made the argument that Friends was not a good show, despite its popularity. But was it also homophobic? A Vimeo user who goes by the handle WayDownEast thinks so, and has made a 50-minute compilation of the sitcom’s most questionable moments, from the running gag about Joey and Chandler living together (and hugging) to the constant jokes about Ross’s lesbian ex-wife, Carol. Looking back, it’s amazing that so much of show’s humor revolved around homoeroticism and/or LGBT stereotypes — although, to be fair, it’s difficult to argue that Friends was intentionally homophobic when it also weathered a great deal of controversy over an episode where Carol marries her partner, and many of the clips included never cross the fine line between equal-opportunity humor and bigotry. Watch the video after the jump and let us know whether you think the show was truly homophobic or simply suffered from lazy writing in the comments. … Read More

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