A. M. Homes

For Your Calendar: Fran Lebowitz Being Fran Lebowitz


Some people say Woody Allen, others still cite Carrie Bradshaw; some people move to New York intending to see if it’s actually anything like a Velvet Underground song, while others think they can arrive as a modern-day Holly Golightly — but before anybody moves to New York, most have one or two people, real or fictional, that they hold up as the best example of how one should look, act, and talk when living in the Big Apple. I call this the New York Spirit Guide, and before I made the move to New York a decade ago, mine was (and still is) Fran Lebowitz. Although it is very un-Fran Lebowitzlike to admit something like this in a public forum, I feel that with herĀ upcoming PEN World Voices event,where she’ll be speaking with the very great novelist A.M. HomesĀ this Friday, a little Fran appreciation is due.
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