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‘The Newsroom’ Season 2 Rage-cap: “Willie Pete”

Lord help us all: Will McAvoy’s “mission to civilize” is back. Like Neal’s quest to cover Occupy Wall Street or Jim’s oh-so-courageous resolution to do some real reporting on the campaign trail, it just won’t die. Never mind the fact that it’s never a good idea to have a middle-aged white dude utter the words “mission to civilize” outside of Fox News: Nina Howard has been Saved, and a full-blown Nina-Will-Mac love triangle is off and running! … Read More

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‘The Newsroom’ Season 2 Rage-cap: “Genoa Tip”

Before this recap’s fully under way, can we take a moment to appreciate how much better this season’s title sequence is? No doe-eyed nostalgia, music that sounds less like a D-list take on Chariots of Fire and more like an actual theme song. I’ve never gone into an episode of this show less irritated. Which might explain why “Genoa Tip” felt like a solid episode, albeit one with Sorkin’s signature smugness and hero worship all over it. Then again, The Newsroom has those flaws built into its DNA, so I’ll take a rare moment of Will McAvoy doubting himself when I can get it. … Read More

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‘The Newsroom’ Season 2 Premiere Rage-cap: “The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All the Lawyers”

Welcome back to The Newsroom! The second season premiere of everyone’s favorite hate-watch brought us a little bit of new and a whole lot of old. In the “new” column, we’ve got a slightly less heinous opening sequence, Marcia Gay Harden, and the show’s very first Season-long Arc. As for the “old,” we’ve got self-righteous but fun office banter, awful romantic subplots, and less than three minutes in, the first of several instances of casual misogyny. Missed you, Sorkin! … Read More

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15 Inexplicable Omissions from the WGA’s “101 Best Written TV Series of All Time”

The Writers Guild of America announced its list of the “101 Best Written TV Series of All Time” Sunday, culled from online voting by members of the writers’ union from both coasts. The list pretty much included the shows you’d expect (the top ten, in descending order: The Sopranos, Seinfeld, The Twilight Zone, All in the Family, M*A*S*H, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mad Men, Cheers, The Wire, The West Wing) — with a few notable exceptions. Yes, even in a list of 101 comedies, dramas, variety shows, and (weirdly) mini-series, they’re bound to make a few mistakes. … Read More

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The 10 Best Sitcom Finales in TV History

Last night, NBC brought down the curtain on The Office in rather a lovely fashion, with a series finale that was warm, nostalgic, and plenty funny. Bringing a long-running sitcom to a close is a tricky bit of business (how ya doin’, Roseanne), but The Office joins a handful of shows that have done it very, very well. Here are some other examples. … Read More

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Should ‘Community’ Stay In Session — Or Is It Time to Graduate?

For the past 12 weeks, in this space, Flavorwire has recapped the abbreviated, delayed, and frequently problematic fourth season of NBC’s Community. As you certainly all know by now, the third year of the often brilliant series concluded with the abrupt sacking of creator/showrunner Dan Harmon, whose distinctive, idiosyncratic sensibility gave the show much of its voice, and whose comic genius was reportedly matched only by his inability to suffer suits gladly. The transition to new showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio was certain to be bumpy, and it was. But now that Community‘s senior year has come to a close, it’s worth asking: should the show carry on, or is it time to send the Greendale crew (and the gifted actors who play them) out into the Real World? … Read More

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Celebrate Alec Baldwin’s 55th Birthday With His 10 Best Scenes

The great Alec Baldwin turns 55 years old today, and in attempting to cook up a proper tribute to him, we realized that his is a body of work less about hours than moments, less about films or shows than particular scenes. His career trajectory has been an unusual one: though he was initially pegged as a marquee leading man, he never quite found success as one. The good stuff came later, when he reinvented himself as a character actor, the kind of gunslinger who could parachute in for a supporting role, crush it in a couple of scenes, and slip out the back door. So to mark his 55 years, we’ve rounded up our ten favorite Alec Baldwin scenes, from film and television, for your consideration. … Read More

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The Best Breakup Lines in Film

Breaking up is hard to do, but the movies have taught us that a witty one-liner can be empowering during tough times. We searched through film history for 25 of the most memorable goodbye lines. Don’t be too sad, though. This is where some of the best screenwriting really shines. Feel free to borrow these lines next time you need to tell someone, “It’s not you, it’s me.” Leave us your favorite Dear John and Jane quotes in the comments,… Read More

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Watch a Supercut of All the Shouting on ‘The Newsroom’

Whether or not you were a fan of Aaron Sorkin’s much-maligned (but surprisingly popular!) HBO drama (we’re of a mixed opinion around here), you have to admit that the first season of The Newsroom contained just as much yelling as it did walk-and-talks and recycled Sorkinese. If your Wednesday afternoon could use an auditory jolt right about now, click through to watch a supercut of all the crazy commotion, courtesy of Slacktory — but do your coworkers a favor, and put on some headphones first. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. The trailer for the upcoming season of Doctor Who has landed online, and it’s chock full of awesome Dalek action. Also: dinosaurs on a spaceship! [via io9]

2. “The writing staff was not fired. And just seeing that in print is scaring the hell out of the writing staff. They’re acting very,… Read More

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