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The ‘American Hustle’ Backlash and Why We Expect Too Much From Best Picture Nominees

In October of 2012, Warner Brothers released Argo, Ben Affleck’s highly fictionalized and highly entertaining account of the extraction of several Americans from Tehran in 1979. It was greeted with solid box office and enthusiastic reviews, and everyone seemed to agree that it was a well-executed and engaging period drama/caper. But a funny thing happened as 2012 became 2013 and Argo started accumulating year-end accolades: a chorus of Hey, hold on nows slowly formed, and continued to crescendo as it racked up seven Oscar nominations, became the Best Picture frontrunner, and won that prize. Suddenly, Argo wasn’t worthy of such praise; the agreeable little movie that everyone liked back in the fall had miraculously become terrible. … Read More

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Get to Know the 2014 Oscar-Nominated Short Films

When it comes to awards season, the short film categories often get overlooked in favor of their flashier, star-studded brethren. However, many filmmakers and actors started their careers in short films, and some of the most compelling movies are mere minutes long. The Oscars just announced the nominees for its 86th awards show. We took this opportunity to highlight the 15 short films that made the cut. Become familiar with these wonderful works in the documentary, animated, and live action shorts categories, below. … Read More

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Let’s Ban Oscar Talk Until Thanksgiving

Last weekend, across the globe, the simultaneous openings of the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado and the Venice Film Festival in Italy were like a starter pistol, kicking off the fall movie season with premieres of highly buzzed films like Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, Denis Villeneuve’s Prisoners, the Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis, J.C. Chandor’s All Is Lost, and Steven McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave. That last title in particular got film critics, awards bloggers, and tweeting moviegoers tossing around the “O-word”: Oscar. And here we go. Welcome to the worst thing about the fall movie season: relentless Oscar chatter. … Read More

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