What Activists Can Learn From ‘Selma’

Selma‘s resonance with current events — its inherent commentary on the ingrained hatefulness of American racism, on our country’s tradition of protests for civil rights, and on aggression by law enforcement towards black Americans — will clearly be a hot topic of discussion for weeks to come. I watched the stunning Selma as a sometime-activist and a longtime reporter on activist movements. And one of the qualities that particularly made this depiction of a sliver of Civil Rights Movement history feel so real and urgent to me was its lens on the organizing process: its debates, its pitfalls, the internal questioning, the way the leaders were jockeying with the press and trying to reach sympathetic ears in places of power. … Read More

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“I Don’t See Anyone Asking Justin Bieber If He’s a Feminist”: Laurie Penny on Activism, Gender, and Her Book ‘Unspeakable Things’

Laurie Penny is a wildly precocious 28-year-old journalist who knows how to shake up the system. As a prominent feminist, columnist for The New Statesman, blogger for her Orwell Prize-shortlisted site Penny Red, and contributor to august institutions like The Guardian, she’s a bright and sometimes controversial voice for the feminist left.

Unspeakable Things: Sex, Lies, and Revolution, her new book on gender and power in the 21st century, comes off like a revolutionary call to arms. A witty, stylish writer, she starts with her own experiences — life online, her hospitalization for anorexia, dating today — and sharply relates how the mundane interactions of our lives are shaped by political forces: power, gender, and capitalism. Currently at Harvard as a Nieman Fellow, Penny discussed the issues and passions that spur her writing in an email interview. … Read More

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Is Trigger Warning Mania the Terrifying Future of Activism?

Do you remember what your high-school English teacher said to your class before assigning The Great Gatsby? Did she call it the Great American Novel? Did he urge you to pay attention to the green light? However your teacher introduced the book, I’m guessing it wasn’t like this: “Trigger warning: suicide, domestic abuse, graphic violence.” … Read More

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Inspiring Photos of Occupy Sandy Relief in New York

Since Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast and left a gigantic part of New York City flooded, without electricity, heat, and water, and, in places hit hardest like Staten Island and Far Rockaway, reduced to nothing but burning rubble, the Internet has been filled with “disaster porn” imagery. It hits close to home, literally — close enough for New Yorkers to be able to help. There have been numerous reports that efforts by the Red Cross, FEMA, and other large-scale rescue organizations have been failing, with centers closing early, getting shut down, or failing to exist altogether. While help has arrived to a few areas, some — notably, Far Rockaway — were left stranded on their own, until Occupy Sandy stepped in. The all-volunteer, DIY organization, an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, has been providing assistance all over the city. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been crucial. … Read More

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Hear Peaches’ New Song in Support of Pussy Riot

World-famous rock stars like Madonna and Sting may be getting all the credit, but feminist indie musicians have been supportive of imprisoned Russian activist band/collective Pussy Riot since the very beginning. Kathleen Hanna and her former band mates in both Le Tigre and Bikini Kill have been raising awareness of their plight for months, and now Peaches (who’s also been involved for quite a while) has released a song and video dedicated to the cause. The clip pairs a simple, thudding electronic track that praises the band as “anarchist, feminist, what we need” — and also, awesomely, nods to Icona Pop’s wonderful “I Love It” — with powerful visuals from pro-Pussy Riot demonstrations around the world. Enjoy the badass video below, download the song and sign Peaches’ petition, read the band’s powerful closing statements, find out about actions in your city planned to coincide with Friday’s verdict, and click here to help in any way you can. … Read More

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Neil Young, Foo Fighters to Headline Free Central Park Concert

What’s better than Neil Young, Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, Band of Horses, and K’naan playing a free concert in New York City’s Central Park on September 29th? How about all that, plus the news that these acts are coming together for Global Festival, a collaboration between the Global Poverty Project and Goldenvoice that aims… Read More

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The Faces and Signs of Occupy Wall Street

Yesterday, thousands of people fed-up with government budget cuts, swelling unemployment rates, tax breaks for the rich, and generally all things miserable about this country right now marched from New York City’s Zuccotti Park to Foley Square and back again. According to one report, nearly 30 people were arrested in this otherwise peaceful Occupy Wall Street demonstration, which lasted from around 3pm until nightfall. Amongst the students, protestors, union members, community organizers and thrill-seekers present, there was a mixture of messages yearning to be heard. In case you couldn’t make it to the rally, here’s a snippet of what you missed. One notable sign not shown below that perhaps best captured the spirit of the afternoon: “Let’s be better to each other.” … Read More

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Interactive Interview: Moby on Music, Photos, and Good/Bad Tea

It’s been almost 20 years since Moby (aka Richard Melville Hall) started making waves in the music world, and ten albums in, he’s still causing quite a splash. This May sees the release of Moby’s latest, Destroyed, a record he describes as more contemplative than his previous efforts. It’s accompanied by his first ever photography book, also called Destroyed, the perfect visual pairing for his new (and old) music.

In our latest interactive video interview, Moby discusses both new projects. He also talks about playing hardcore music, working for animal rights, and his favorite teas in the world — and shares some not-so-nice words for Sarah Palin and friends. Click through for the full Flavorpill Interactive Interview with Moby, where you control the questions. … Read More

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Daily Dose Pick: The Working Proof

Art-print site The Working Proof provides a great way to decorate that empty space on your living-room wall while also supporting organizations dedicated to improving the world outside.

With each artwork sold, 15% of the profits are donated to a charity of the artist’s choice — and with selections from over 50 artists already available, that’s a lot of charities. A new, affordable piece of art is uploaded onto the site every Tuesday afternoon. … Read More

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Daily Dose Pick: Telegraph21

Online video portal telegraph21 makes choosing what to watch easier by curating some of the best up-and-coming documentaries and art films from around the world.

Twice a week, telegraph21 uploads either a short film or sample from a feature documentary, accompanied by screening information, additional links to the work, and an interview with the filmmaker. Whether featuring award-winning journalists or new independent filmmakers, the site’s emphasis is always on spreading good ideas related to important issues. Commencing this October, in partnership with The Big Screen Project, the site will also broadcast its films on the Eventi Hotel‘s outdoor multimedia screen in Midtown Manhattan. … Read More

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