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8 Defining Beastie Boys Moments That Need to Appear in Ad-Rock and Mike D’s Memoir

Michael “Mike D” Diamond and Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz, the two surviving members of the Beastie Boys, are co-authoring a memoir of their time in one of the most important hip-hop acts of the past three decades. According to the New York Times, the book will be less of a conventional tell-all and more of an “oral history,” complete with a “strong visual component.” It’s not clear exactly what that will entail, but there are some standout moments from the Beastie Boys’ career that fans will no doubt be expecting to hear about in Diamond and Horovitz’s account. Here’s a selection of hot topics the Beasties need to address in their memoir, tentatively due out in late 2015. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. This memo of pre-prepared responses that Sony Pictures Television sent the cast of Community for dealing with questions from the media about why Dan Harmon got fired is just as awkward as you’d imagine. [via The Hollywood Reporter]

2. Starting tonight at 8pm, The New Yorker will begin tweeting a new… Read More

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Campaign to Rename Brooklyn Park for Adam Yauch Hits Hurdle

In the wake of Adam Yauch’s tragic and untimely death from cancer, we were interested to read that a group of Brooklyn residents have started a campaign to rename a Brooklyn Heights park in his honor. However, according to the Brooklyn Paper, there’s a problem with the idea: the park in… Read More

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Watch Kids Reenact “Sabotage” in Honor of MCA

The recent death of Adam “MCA” Yauch is something that hit most of us pretty hard here at Flavorpill, so we were happy to come across this wonderful tribute that Portland-based filmmaker James Winters shot with a group of kids over the weekend. While there’s certainly no touching the original, we’re fairly sure that Yauch would have approved of this remake of the “Sabotage” video, because really, what’s not to love about a bunch of adorable children in ridiculous wigs and aviators? … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we got hungry for the the Girl Scout cookie candy bar. We went inside Baltimore’s new National Pinball Museum. We listened to The Hood Internet’s new mixtape. We browsed Courtney Love’s food diary. We found out how mobsters decorate their homes. We welcomed… Read More

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Watch the Beastie Boys Perform with Dave Chappelle in a Never-Before-Seen ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Clip

The outpouring of affectionate tributes to Adam Yauch since the news of the Beastie Boys’ death broke has been touching — and also somewhat unprecedented. Everyone seems to have a kind word to say or a fond memory to share about MCA, a man whose quarter-century of artistic progress was matched only by his personal growth during that time. Chappelle’s Show co-creator Neal Brennan is no different; he’s uploaded an unaired clip of The Beastie Boys performing “The New Style” with an assist from Dave Chappelle back in 2004. The scene was shot for the show’s famously unfinished third season, and it is pretty great. It’s only fair to warn you, though, that like every other video clip of MCA you’ve seen in the past few days, this one might well make you tear up. Watch now before it gets taken down; apparently Viacom already removed another version that was floating around. … Read More

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Adam Yauch, Beastie Boys’ MCA, Has Died

It’s always awful to have to report that a beloved artist has died, but we’re feeling especially crushed by the news of Adam Yauch’s death at only 47 years old. Best known to music lovers as the Beastie Boys’ MCA, Yauch had been living with parotid and lymph node cancer since 2009, when a tumor… Read More

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Our Favorite Film Fans’ Favorite Criterion Films

In retrospect, last week’s gift guide for movie geeks was seriously lacking in one important element: it needs more Criterion. The Criterion Collection, as you presumably well know, is the preeminent home video label for film nerds, lavishing their second-to-none skills of restoration and supplementation on titles both well-known and obscure. So yes, a week-late addendum: if you’re shopping for cinephiles, a title or two from the Criterion Collection should do the trick.

Alas, which titles? At 600+ films (and growing monthly), sifting through the collection is a daunting task. Thankfully, the label is more than happy to help out; one of the most enjoyable time-killers on their site is their section of Top 10s, in which film fans from across the spectrum — directors, screenwriters, actors, cinematographers, comedians, critics, etc. — select their ten favorite Criterion titles, often with concise mini-reviews for each. After the jump, in a bit of meta list construction, we’ve picked out ten of our favorite folks from that page, and a few of their recommendations as well. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Last night, Kanye tweeted what could be the cover art for Watch The Throne, his joint project with Jay-Z, which is set to drop on January 11th. In the middle are the letters H*A*M. Any ideas what that might mean? [via HitFix]

2. MTV and Foursquare have teamed up to launch a… Read More

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Pic of the Day: Fight For Your Right Revisited

Earlier this week it was announced that “Fight For Your Right Revisited,” a short film written and directed by Adam Yauch, would premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Now, thanks to Stereogum, we’ve got a photo of Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood, and Danny McBride, who are presumably playing Mike D, Ad-Rock, and MCA. The cast also includes Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, and Jack Black, and while we don’t know anything about the plot, we do have this tagline: “After the boys leave the party.” We’re intrigued. Click through if you need to refresh your memory on the original clip. … Read More

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