Alfred Hitchcock

Drawings of Ominous Objects Found in Hitchcock Murder Scenes

We’ve had a thing for the Hitchcock drawings of Buenos Aires-born artist Martín Sichetti since we first set eyes on them last year. With a background in theater and costume design, Sichetti was fascinated by the visual dynamics in Hitch’s films. He started creating drawings of film stills, centered on the objects often fetishized by the director (handbags, telephones, and more). In a new series of drawings, titled Hitchcock Items for Murder, Sichetti has zeroed in on the objects themselves. These artworks feature items found in various Hitchcock murder scenes, free of accompanying figures (perhaps hinted at in the flesh tones of the paper) and background. The frayed hairs on a piece of rope, the black sheen of a leaden telephone, and the gleam of a knife blade are meticulously rendered so that the details of each object become more ominous the longer we study them. Hitchcock would approve. … Read More

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10 Great Directors and the Composers They Couldn’t Live Without

The Criterion Collection’s must-have box set of the month is The Essential Jacques Demy, but that title may not be entirely accurate — it’s also, in many ways, the Essential Michel Legrand, since all but one of the set’s six films (the weakest one, natch) were made by the French filmmaker in partnership with musical legend Legrand. And Demy and Legrand’s frequent collaborations are far from unusual; throughout Hollywood’s history, distinctive filmmakers have paired with composers who were well matched to their style, and been loathe to work without them. Here are a few of cinema’s most memorable director/composer partnerships: … Read More

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‘Fargo,’ ‘Pulp Fiction,’ and Other Classic R-Rated Movies as Children’s Books

We’ve shared work by Josh Cooley before, but we just can’t resist his illustrations that depict some of the more notorious scenes from R-rated movies as Dick & Jane-style children’s books. When we spotted more of his work — this time featuring scenes from Pulp Fiction, Alien, and Psycho — we knew we had to spread the word. Purchase them via Gallery 1988, but keep in mind that they might not be the best artwork for the nursery. … Read More

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Joan Fontaine (1917-2013)

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50 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Halloween’

Thirty-five years ago today, a low-budget horror thriller opened quietly in Kansas City, Missouri. It would end up changing the genre forever. The simple tale of an unstoppable killer stalking and killing young people on All Hollow’s Eve, Halloween earned a staggering return on its small investment and prompted a slew of sequels and “slasher movie” imitators. But the original film was one of skilled craftsmanship, genuine wit, and low-budget ingenuity; here are a few fun facts about its… Read More

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The 25 Most Suspenseful Movies Ever Made

It’s mid-October, and with Halloween around the corner, ‘tis the season for scary movies. (We’ve got a few suggestions, as you may have noticed.) But wait, you might be saying. (It’s possible.) I like to be scared at movies, but I don’t like all the blood and guts that seem unavoidable in modern horror. What about me? Well, it would seem that you don’t like gore of horror, but you like the tension and suspense. Never fear; we’ve collected the 25 most suspenseful movies of all time, guaranteed to creep you out without grossing you… Read More

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