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A Few of Our Favorite Author vs. Critic Dustups

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Hardcover 451: Thought Police-ing Literary Loose Cannons

Please excuse our mixed dystopic metaphors, but Edward Champion reports that bookish types are debating whether or not bookstores should be able to request that visiting authors keep their curse words and dirty talk to a minimum. It all started when a Massachusetts store asked Jennifer Weiner, who is currently touring to promote her new novel, Best Friends Forever, to kindly avoid the word “cock” at a signing. Weiner complied, so score one for puritanical New… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Cultural Stories

1. Avenue Q has announced that it’s closing on September 13th. [via The Awl]
2. A director’s cut of Watchmen (which if you’ll remember, didn’t do so hot the first time around) will hit theaters the weekend before the film’s July 21 DVD release. [via Reuters]
3. No-name actors are ruling… Read More

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