Wander Into a Magritte Painting While Masturbation-Charging Your Phone: Links You Need to See

Though painting may be undergoing an identity crisis in the conceptual/multimedia art era, there’s no doubt that for patrons of the arts, the form provides a necessary way for us to detach from the phantasmagoria of ever-morphing digital images and just stare at, say, a gorgeously rendered apple (or, hell, a whole basket of them!). Even surrealist work, whose oneiric style evokes a sense of nausea and movement, is still refreshingly static. In Magritte’s The Listening Room, for example, an apple may be inflated to fill a room, but at least we know we can’t click on it and make it talk, or use a slideshow to replace it with a plum. But it turns out that now we can, thanks to animator Ali Eslami and Unreal Engine, virtually wander through a series of Magritte’s images, including that of the famed mega-apple. Unfortunately, it’s pretty damn cool.  … Read More

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Where Are All the New Sci-Fi Movie Franchises?

Well, there’s going to be a new Alien movie, and for some reason, this is good news. Word broke yesterday that Neill Blomkamp, writer/director of District 9 and the forthcoming Chappie, closed a deal with 20th Century Fox to helm a new film in the sci-fi/monster franchise, and everyone is very excited, somehow ignoring the fact that Ridley Scott’s 1979 original has yielded exactly one good sequel (James Cameron’s Aliens) and no fewer than five more that are varying degrees of terrible (Alien 3, Alien: Resurrection, Alien vs. Predator, Alien vs. Predator: Requiem, and Scott’s own Prometheus). That’s a 16 percent sequel success rate, kids, so let’s maybe keep it in our pants for a minute — particularly as Variety is reporting that the Blomkamp Alien is “separate from Prometheus 2, which Fox is still making with Ridley Scott.” Oh, cool, so they’re making like a whole Alien Cinematic Universe, awesome idea, A-plus you guys. But here’s the more pressing issue: in this era of mega budgets and limitless effects possibilities, why has science fiction fallen so specifically prey to the endless sequel-remake-reboot machine? Where are the new sci-fi franchises? … Read More

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Neill Blomkamp-Directed ‘Alien’ Movie Officially Confirmed

Last we’d heard from Neill Blomkamp regarding his directing a much-rumored new, potentially Sigourney Weaver-starring Alien movie, the District 9… Read More

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‘District 9′ Director Neill Blomkamp Could Be Making an ‘Alien’ Sequel

Neill Blomkamp loves that soul-crushing futuristic sci-fi, guys: the writer/director of the feel-good flicks District 9Elysium, and now Chappie has told Uproxx that he is… Read More

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Spider Dresses and Empty Puppy Promises: Links You Need to See

Let’s talk about personal space. Personally, I think anyone wearing this robo-spider dress should just be left alone. For that reason, it’d probably be useful at parties. People could kiss the idea of unwanted suitors goodbye if robo-spider clothing ever became available to the public, because it’s pretty easy to distinguish between a metallic arachnid “come hither” and “back off.” … Read More

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The Curse of the Fourth Film: Why ‘Toy Story 4′ Is Probably Doomed

As you may have heard, Disney made a couple of big announcements yesterday. The first was one we knew was coming eventually: the seventh Star Wars movie has a subtitle, and it’s a little bit goofy, though certainly no Phantom Menace. The second came way out of left field: Pixar has staked out a June 16, 2017 release date for Toy Story 4. Movie Twitter lost its collective mind, and for good reason: not only does the announcement further solidify Pixar’s metamorphosis into yet another sequel factory, but it’s a case of filmmakers muckin’ around with a series that had somehow come to an unquestionably satisfying conclusion. Plus, on top of all that, if you go looking for movie franchises that were still holding strong by installment four, the results aren’t exactly overwhelming.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a gander. … Read More

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H. R. Giger’s Dark, Erotic, Experimental Polaroids

Just months ago we said goodbye to Swiss painter, set designer, and sculptor H.R. Giger. The artist is best known for his design contributions to Ridley Scott’s Alien and his dark, erotic, biomechanical drawings. It seems Giger’s photographs are no different. Publisher Antenne Books recently released Polaroids, a collection of unpublished photos from Giger’s personal archives. These are the images he used as references for his work and to document his progress, but they also became experimental artworks in their own right and captured the relationships he had with other artists — including longtime collaborator Debbie Harry. Take a closer look in our… Read More

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Endearing Photos of a Couple Recreating Classic Film Scenes With Their Infant Son

Parents who want their kids to grow up film buffs generally take the Mandatory Family Movie Night route. But Lilly and Leon, the couple behind Cardboard Box Office, opted to combine leftover materials from a recent move with lots of housebound baby time to create one of the more adorable movie blogs in recent memory. Using ordinary household items, themselves, and their son Orson as a supporting cast member, they’ve replicated over a dozen classic movies so far, complete with punny titles. Click through for a sampling of their cleverest shots, and follow them on Twitter for updates. … Read More

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