Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer Compares Macklemore Backlash to ’12 Years a Slave,’ Is Wrong as Usual

Walking, talking think-piece Amanda Palmer has a knack for insinuating herself into the cultural conversation: just when you think she might have finally gone away, she returns like a persistent odor. Her latest trick, if you missed it last night, was to conflate the message of Steve McQueen’s 12 Years A Slave with, um, the reaction to Macklemore winning a bunch of Grammys. If this makes no sense to you, well, you’re not the only one — but, loath as I am to give Palmer any more attention than she already has, it’s worth looking at this further, because it demonstrates some wider points about the way we approach questions of race and identity politics in America. … Read More

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Who to Dress as for Halloween If You Want to Start a Fight

Look, anyone can wheel out the same old mildly risqué “controversial” Halloween costumes to make a splash at this year’s parties — but seriously, if you really want to make an impression (while avoiding being an utter, utter fuckwit), you need something contemporary. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for topical pop culture costumes that will genuinely terrify your friends. Watch everyone cower in terror — or, if they’re drunk, maybe pick a fight with you — as you emerge from the bathroom as any of this lot. You’re welcome! … Read More

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What Was the Worst Thing on the Internet This Week?

The Internet is a wasteland — or, if you’re feeling more glass-half-full, a haven — for trolling, pandering, and self-aggrandizing, whether it be in innovative or particularly reductive ways. Every day there’s at least one or two obnoxious things that is deserving of our hate-click, and our temporary outrage only brings the unnecessary attention to such ridiculata. Yet we can’t help ourselves from promoting it, now can we? Join us in this new feature, where each week we nominate the worst Internet-based events of the previous five days, and determine which of the nominees is, in fact, The Worst.  … Read More

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The 20 All-Time Worst Song Lyrics About Sex

Justin Timberlake’s new single “TKO” dropped last week, and because we are professionals, we forced ourselves to listen to it despite the fact that it starts with the refrain, “She killed me with that coochie-coochie-coo.” The song doesn’t get a whole lot better, to be honest, but that particular line is surely the least appetizing sex-related lyric of the year (honestly, who uses the word “cooch” outside of high school?!), and it started an intra-office conversation about where it rates in the pantheon of hilariously awful sex lyrics. Here are the results of our highly scientific discussion: a giggle-inducing survey of the worst of the worst. You’re welcome. … Read More

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10 Celebrities We Wish Would Quit Twitter

Former married couple Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold recently destroyed each other on Twitter over, well, divorced couple stuff. Barr was not happy after Arnold tweeted about giving his old wedding videos to Goodwill, and the resulting feud was not just biting (“I’ve got old wedding videos from several women. Why you think it’s all about YOU? Good lord I feel sorry for Monsanto with you on their asses”), but pretty depressing. It was like listening to your parents fight, and hearing it all through social media made it that much worse. Both of them could probably use a break from Twitter, as well as the following ten celebrities. … Read More

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The Year in Memorable Musical Controversies

2012 has been a crazy year in many ways, and the music industry hasn’t exactly been immune to its air of pervading insanity. (In fairness, the music industry is rarely immune to any sort of insanity, but still, humor us here.) This year has given us a particularly rich vein of memorable controversies, conflicts, and contretemps, and as part of our ongoing end-of-year wrap-up, we’re looking back at some of the most significant. Some of these are hilarious, some of them depressing, some of them hilariously depressing, and some just plain old bewildering — but from the resurrection of dead rappers through homeless people functioning as wifi hotspots to a record company suing an entire country, all of them have been worth remembering. … Read More

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Is Prince Going to Stand for Amanda Palmer Performing ‘Purple Rain’?

We’ll be honest: we received the news this morning that Amanda “Fucking” Palmer is planning to play Prince’s classic 1984 album Purple Rain from start to finish at Terminal 5 on New Year’s Eve with a mixture of horror and bemusement. Once the initial shock had worn off, though, one question remained: what on earth… Read More

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Amanda Palmer’s Amanda Palmer-Loving, Wayne Coyne Co-Directed NSFW “Do It With a Rockstar” Video

Everyone is talking about Amanda Palmer. The drag queens are squabbling over whether she’s “fugly” or what she does is “art, bitch.” The hipsters in “Pave-adoh” T-shirts think she’s “a Scientologist and an ableist and a Klan member — and she hates men, she hates women. She hates everything!” But they actually all secretly love Amanda Palmer, because they end up at her show anyway to watch her rock out and get covered in glitter. And one of the hipsters, played by “porn star, feminist, smart alec, FORCE” Stoya Doll, ends up going home with Palmer. Yes, of course, there is girl-on-girl action in this video.

So, basically, according to Amanda Palmer — and Wayne Coyne, who co-directed the video with her, George Salisbury, and Michael McQuilken and appears in an extremely brief and death-defying cameo — everyone who says they hate Amanda Palmer actually wants to sleep with Amanda Palmer. Yup. So, if you’re interested, watch the NSFW Amanda Palmer controversy train roll on below! … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. In the future, if all goes according to Goldenvoice’s plan, there could be as many as four Coachellas each year — which we suppose is better than four Bonnaroos. [via Vulture]

2. Amanda Palmer has invited her fans who play the strings, saxophone, and brass to join her on stage at gigs… Read More

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Check Out Amanda Palmer’s Exclusive Flavorpill Session

Last week, we welcomed the fabulous Amanda Palmer into our office as the latest performer in the Flavorpill Sessions concert series, presented with Livestream. We’ve been huge fans of Palmer since her early days in the Dresden Dolls, and based on what she’s revealed so far, her new album, Theater Is Evil, could be her best work yet. The record isn’t out until September 11, but Palmer and her new band, the Grand Theft Orchestra, have been teasing a good portion of it via recent live shows and digital samples. Meanwhile, her recent high-profile success on Kickstarter has exposed Palmer to an even wider audience — but exposure isn’t something the extremely inventive songwriter has ever had a problem with, as emphasized by her latest music video.

During her hour-long session, the performer commonly referred to as AFP ran through stripped-down solo versions of new tracks including “The Killing Type” and “The Bed Song,” pausing to take requests and answer questions from fans around the world. Check out a gallery of photos from the event, and then click through to watch a stream of the complete session. … Read More

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