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What To Watch on TV: January 4-January 10

We’re about to enter one of the busiest television times of the year, with shows returning from their holiday hiatuses and new shows premiering on every network you can think of. There is enough TV happening that you’re sure to find something to watch — musical sitcoms, musical dramas, dating reality competitions, furniture reality competitions, and so on — but it can definitely get a bit overwhelming. Flavorwire will soon take an in-depth look at the highs and lows of midseason but until then, here’s a quick rundown of your best TV bets for next week. … Read More

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Amazon Publishing Goes ‘American Idol’ After Terrible Week

Imagine, for a moment, that you are Amazon. Now imagine that, in the last seven days, several esteemed authors have accused you of out-and-out censorship, the Authors Guild has met with the DOJ about your alleged antitrust violations, and, yes, you may have been responsible for sabotaging a beloved publisher of erotica. It’s been a rough week. But, being Amazon, you have $75 billion of revenue in your pocket, so how do you regain the trust of the reading public? You bring the power to the people. American Idol style. … Read More

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Where Did All the Female Rappers Go? Reality TV

Earlier this week, NPR asked where all the female rappers had gone, and yesterday VH1 gave them their answer, albeit a weak one: a new reality show. This fall, the cable network responsible for “docudramas” like Love & Hip Hop and The Salt-n-Pepa Show will unleash White Girls of Rap into the world, yet again making female rappers a novelty item. … Read More

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Flavorwire’s Guide to 2014 Midseason TV

Community returned last night after a long hiatus, and with a new helping of original creator Dan Harmon. It was the inaugural punch of a really strong midseason slate of new and returning shows. At this point we’re starting to prefer the January-March run of new stuff to the fall, actually. Here’s all the most interesting shows that will either premiere or start new seasons in the next three months. … Read More

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In Praise of the TV Talent Show Weirdo

Kate Bush took to her blog this week to write a letter in support of one Liam Tamne, a contestant on the UK version of The Voice. Tamne was voted off the show by resident musical antichrist, despite a performance that seemed objectively better than that of his competition, to much voluble protest from his fans. Frankly, if doesn’t like you and Kate Bush does, you’re probably doing something right, and Tamne will hopefully go on to have a successful and productive career. What it all boils down to is more proof that the most interesting thing about shows like American IdolThe X Factor, and The Voice is rarely the winners. … Read More

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Ranking Cinema’s Spring Breaks From Worst to Best

Harmony Korine’s controversial Spring Breakers goes into well-timed limited release this weekend. Reviews thus far have been mostly positive — to the befuddlement of your Flavorwire, since we found the film to be both a mixed bag quality-wise and a little troublesome from a messaging point of view. Then again, it could just be a matter of expectations — viewers aren’t just surprised that a Korine movie is sort of accessible, but that a movie about spring break isn’t just all-out terrible. You see, it’s not an event with a rich cinematic history; most movies about spring break are, for lack of a better word, stinky. But if you’d like to get in the mood for Spring Breakers, or just enjoy the debauchery from the safe, STD-free confines of your living room, here’s a roundup of spring break in cinema, ranked from worst to (relative)… Read More

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10 Reality Shows That Have Exceeded Their Expiration Date

In Season 6 of Jersey Shore, Snooki is pregnant. On last night’s two-hour premiere, we watched Nicole Polizzi waddle out to Seaside in a valiant attempt to enjoy the shore — and, more to the point, earn a six-figure-per-episode salary — without alcohol. Although we’ve never felt particularly great about ourselves after sitting through an entire episode of the show, this newest development (which we couldn’t watch for long at all) feels particularly depressing. So we’re glad MTV has decided that this will be the last season of Jersey Shore, and we’re hoping a few other veteran reality shows that have run out of ideas (or were just always terrible) will consider doing the same. After the jump, we look at ten that have exceeded their expiration date and are starting to stink. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. We find President Obama’s tweeted response to Clint Eastwood‘s speech at the Republican National Convention kind of amusing. Almost as amusing as the fact that The Simpsons predicted the whole old man yelling at inanimate object thing years ago.

2. If for some reason you thought Nas was done dredging… Read More

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Nicki Minaj to Judge ‘American Idol’?!

The long slog towards finding new American Idol judges exhausted us weeks ago, but here’s some news worth tuning in for: Us Weekly is reporting that Nicki Minaj is in the late stages of making a deal to join the panel. Now, their sources are a pair of anonymous “insiders,” so we’ll be… Read More

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