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Iconic Horror Movie Villains Reimagined as ‘Scooby Doo’ Bad Guys

The Scooby Doo villain long ago passed into the realm of cultural cliché: an evil property owner or similar small-timer, with a plan so inept that a stoner, his dog, and their moron friends are able to figure it out. But what if those Scooby villains were a bit more… sinister? For the answer to that, we go to illustrator Travis Falligant (aka IBTrav), who took to his website and Tumblr to imagine some of film horror’s most iconic killers as Scooby Doo baddies. … Read More

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10 ’80s Nostalgia Movies That Are Better Than Most Actual ’80s Movies

Parachute pants, giant boomboxes, breakdancing, the Fat Boys, and even (in a sequence after my own heart) Casey Kasem’s “long distance dedication”: yes, the ‘80s live on, or at least they do in the new comedy Ping Pong Summer, out today in limited release. It’s the latest entry in the cinematic ‘80s nostalgia movement — a bit of an ironic idea, since those of us who lived through the decade recall that there weren’t that many great movies being made then. But there have been some awfully good ones set then, and with that we dust off our Trapper Keepers and Rubik’s Cubes and select the very best post-’80s ‘80s movies. … Read More

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15 of the Most Decadent Movies Ever Made

Leave it to indie auteur Jim Jarmusch to create a vampire “hang-out” movie — one where the gorgeous and cultured undead “spend most of their time in their rooms, devouring books and music and bottled blood.” Jarmusch’s vamps are poetic idols of decadent decay, languid and spellbinding. It’s a seductive world we’ve attempted to hang onto just a little bit longer by exploring a similar decadence in these 15… Read More

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8 Money-Soaked Tales of Wall Street Excess

Just a few years removed from the worst economic crisis to hit the United States since the Great Depression, we’re suddenly in the midst of a newfound cultural fascination with the fat cats on Wall Street, and their excesses of bacchanalian proportions. We’re still arguing about The Wolf of Wall Street a month after its release, and the recent news that the Goldman Sachs elevator-gossip Twitter account, @GSElevator, has sold a book to Simon & Schuster is further proof that while we might despise the traders making untold millions, we’re still really interested in hearing their tales of excess. The forthcoming book and Scorsese’s film are the latest chapters in a long history of famous (and notorious) accounts of Wall Street. Here are some of the best examples. … Read More

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Hilarious Photos of Internet-Inspired Costumes at Last Night’s HallowMEME

The Internet went offline at the fifth annual HallowMEME party at Brooklyn’s Bell House last night, thrown by Forced Meme Productions, Kelly Reeves, Andrea Rosen, and Lindsey Weber (who, it should be noted, dressed up as emojis with their stances ready for recognition). While in 2012 there were many women in binders and unimpressed McKaylas, this year, shibes and foxes were aplenty. Danny Tamberelli (Little Pete from The Adventures of Pete & Pete) helped judge the costume contest: third place went to the duo dressed as LED Light Suit Babies, a two-day old meme; second to “Hip to be Square” Patrick Bateman; and the winner: Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat his Cereal. Obviously. … Read More

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5 Odd Book-to-Musical Adaptations We’d Like to See

This spring, a brand-new romantic musical will be hitting Broadway, and it’s got a pretty familiar name: The Bridges of Madison County. Even if you didn’t check out the 1995 film starring Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep, certainly you know the book by Robert James Waller (or, at the very least, remember the recognizable book cover sitting on your mom’s bookshelf). Across the pond, another surprising musical is hitting London’s West End: Doctor Who star Matt Smith will step into the role of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, based on the controversial book by Bret Easton Ellis. Both novels got the big-budget film adaptations that brought them larger audiences, but it’s surprising to see these two odd books get turned into musicals. With that in mind, here are a few other books from the same era that could probably do, well, fine on Broadway.  … Read More

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Since We’re All Desperate to See Kanye’s ‘American Psycho’-Inspired Video, Let’s Watch This Preview

We’ve been waiting to see something, anything, from Kanye’s American Psycho-inspired video that the artist collaborated on with Jonathan Cheban… Read More

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The Best Breakup Lines in Film

Breaking up is hard to do, but the movies have taught us that a witty one-liner can be empowering during tough times. We searched through film history for 25 of the most memorable goodbye lines. Don’t be too sad, though. This is where some of the best screenwriting really shines. Feel free to borrow these lines next time you need to tell someone, “It’s not you, it’s me.” Leave us your favorite Dear John and Jane quotes in the comments,… Read More

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10 Literary Parodies That Work

Well, at least there’s one decidedly delicious thing to have come out of the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon. Quite literally delicious: this week sees the release of 50 Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook, which details the sordid adventures of a young, inexperienced chicken as she gets her breasts and thighs handled by a chef — while serving up some excellent recipes for roasting chicken as well. It’s enough to make you snort that cooking wine right out of your nose. Inspired by this new and hilarious release, we’ve put together a list of ten literary parodies that totally work on their own merit — no mere joke books these. Click through to see which we chose, and if we missed your favorite parody, be sure to add it to our list in the comments. … Read More

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The 10 Creepiest Soundtrack Songs to Be Murdered By

What would a cinematic serial killer be without a chilling, trademark theme song? Save certain polymaths of music and murder, like Charles Manson, most real-life killers don’t get the luxury of a hair-raising soundtrack accompaniment. Scary movies draw on a lot of varied sources for creating the perfect murderous mood music. Sometimes, it’s a tinny, crackling old lullaby played from a broken radio in another room. Other times, murderers require a more epic, haunting buildup. And occasionally, it’s a song that we otherwise wouldn’t find creepy at all, but somehow becomes permanently attached to a nightmarish slasher scene. In lieu of unscary Halloween novelty standbys like “Monster Mash,” we offer 10 of the creepiest songs from our favorite murderous soundtracks. Be forewarned, some of these clips are a bit on the NSFW side. … Read More

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