Andre the Giant

Body Unlimited: The Incredible Poetry of Samuel Beckett

The Samuel Beckett we’re taught in America is solitary, dryly humorous, and existentially distressed: basically, he’s an absurdist playwright from a Charlie Kaufman movie. Beyond this, we may know him as a writer of unerringly spare and despairing prose — of the sort that literally gives Salman Rushdie a headache — or as James Joyce’s assistant, or as the guy who drove Andre the Giant to school each day. But we do not, generally speaking, appreciate him as poet. This is regrettable, not only because Beckett began his career as a poet in Paris — and continued writing poetry for the rest of his life — but also because his poetry strips down and by some means intensifies the qualities that imbue his drama and novels. And by this I mean that Samuel Beckett’s poetry wrests a negative infinity out of words without appearing to do much of anything at all. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we met a woman who is truly terrified by kittens. We watched an all-too-brief preview of the Ab Fab holiday special. We got an interesting look at Tom McCarthy’s computer desktop as part of a new series from The Guardian. We wanted to get our hands… Read More

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Video of the Day: ‘The Princess Bride’ Cast Reunion

Earlier today, we subjected you to an awful video of Lou Reed and Metallica talking about their terrible collaboration. We would like to make amends by showing you a wonderful video — it’s a clip of The Princess Bride cast reuniting for the 24th anniversary of one of the weirdest and most wonderful family movies of all time. Presented as the culmination of Good Morning America‘s “Totally Awesome ’80s Week” (guess they didn’t get the memo that we’ve moved on to ’90s nostalgia), the segment brings together Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Billy Crystal (in his Miracle Max hat!), Wallace Shawn, Carol Kane, and Chris Sarandon. Watch Elwes and Wright reminisce over their fateful kiss (“Can they see my heart beating so fast ’cause he’s so cute?” Wright recalls wondering) and Crystal tell a story about the time dearly departed co-star Andre the Giant “passed out in the lobby of the Dorchester Hotel,” after the jump. … Read More

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Whatever Happened To… Andre the Giant

Welcome back to Whatever Happened To…, a weekly column where we unearth a pop culture personality from the deep, dark recesses of your over-stimulated psyches. Because nostalgia is fun! For this second installment we present you with Andre the Giant, the large man who won our hearts over in The Princess Bride — which we watched for the first time ever last night. We’re going to pause here so that you can judge us for having never seen the canonical movie before. Done? OK, so back to… Read More

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