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Now and Forever: A Treasury of Fan Fiction Inspired by Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Cats’


The Internet loves nothing more than cats, but it’s rare that we look beyond the cute photos and memes to more seriously consider their place in our world. Flavorwire’s Highbrow Cat Week is an attempt to remedy that, with a series of pieces devoted to analyzing their impact on the cultural realm.

After a record-breaking 18 years on Broadway and countless productions worldwide, it’s no surprise that the legacy of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s bizarre musical Cats has lived on in the depths of the Internet fan-fiction community. After all, a musical featuring adult humans covered in makeup, Lycra, and fur seems like the perfect building block for creative writing exercises in which amateur authors imagine a world full of human beings dressed as anthropomorphic cats doing a variety of things, such as falling in love, rescuing abused kittens (again, this is a world in which people are dressed as cats), discovering confusing sexual urges, and building racially pure progeny. After the jump you’ll find a collection of excerpts from the Cats fan-fiction community.
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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Tom Cruise’s Cocktail is being adapted as a Broadway musical by legendary producer Marty Richards — and could feature Katie Holmes. [via NYP]
2. Morrissey will resume his tour in London after an onstage collapse/overnight hospital stay. [via NME]
3. 61-year-old British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, but expects to be back at work by the year’s end. [via THR]
4. After announcing that Amazon is releasing a Kindle reader for Windows, the company has said that they’re also working on an app for Macs. [via Fast Company]
5. Andy Warhol’s Michael Jackson portrait will go up for auction at Christie’s on November 10th. [via USA… Read More

What’s on at Flavorpill: Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office


Today at Flavorpill, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on a copy of Nightlight, National Lampoon’s Twilight parody. We tried to imagine the Phantom of Phantom of the Opera living in Coney Island. Could Webber be punking us all? We went to a Chanel show, where Lily Allen materialized out of the ground. We decided Banksy should run for office. We prepared ourselves to watch Ryan Gosling pretend to amputate his own arm in Danny Boyle’s latest project. We teased our hair for multiple versions of Dallas. And with that, we’re out. And we’re not having curry for dinner. Goodnight,… Read More

Smackdown Styles Of the Rich And Famous


In the old days, settling a celeb feud was simple: the opposing parties could either breakdance, walk-off, or have their clay avatars fight each other on MTV’s Celebrity Death Match. Now, though? All bets are off as these poor, innocent celebs are forced to wage war through the tabloids. Here are some of our favorite most recent… Read More

The Morning’s Most Interesting Cultural Stories [Opening Lines]


Books: “San Francisco based artist Matt Furie recently put out the second issue of Boy’s Club, a wonderfully bizarre collection of one-page stories featuring anthropomorphic monsters reminiscent of muppet monsters like Sweetums crossed with Chewbacca in an outfit that screams Saved by the Bell.” [Bookslut]

Dance/Opera: “The alarm goes off at 7. I shower, stick on jeans and trainers and head out the door. Most mornings I have an early Pilates class or a session at the gym. On the way to the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, I’ll stop and buy a croissant and a coffee. It takes me about three coffees before I feel like myself, but by 10:30 everyone in the company needs to be ready for the first class.” [Times]
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