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Heartwarming Photos and Stories of “Bully” Breeds That Dispel the Bad Dog Myth

From the boxer to the Boston terrier, “bully” dog breeds come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, many people associate the word “bully” with the dog’s temperament. Dogs such as the pit bull are instantly labeled as violent and aggressive, when in reality they make for loyal and loving pets. Photographer Douglas Sonders, whose work we discovered on Beautiful/Decay, started the Not a Bully series to draw attention to the unfair treatment of “bully” breeds and share successful adoption stories to help dispel the myths. Sonders’ own dog Emma, a pit bull mix, inspired the photo campaign. She spent nearly a year in foster care, shunned due to her appearance, and came close to being euthanized. Through adoption, Sonders saved her life and discovered what a gentle soul she was. For more heart-warming stories of “bully” breed rescues, visit our gallery. Support Sonders’ cause by visiting the official Not a Bully website. … Read More

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Poignant, Endearing Portraits of Shelter Dogs

An animal’s face is no different than a human’s. You can clearly see happiness, pain, confusion, and sadness in their expressions. Photographer Traer Scott’s portraits of shelter dogs, which we spotted on InspireFirst, tell silent stories through each animal’s furrowed brow, gray muzzle, and knowing gaze. Some of the dogs photographed were eventually adopted, but others never found a “forever home” (as rescue workers describe it). The photos are poignant and endearing, capturing each animal’s personality and spirit. Take Terrier, for example (who seems to be named after her breed). She’s a weary, old soul wrapped in her own fur coat (that haircut!), but a beautiful pup nonetheless. See more moving portraits of shelter dogs past the break. … Read More

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