Poignant Photos of Animals Contemplating Life in Zoos

People have argued about the education and conservation benefits of zoos for ages. One observer on the matter is artist Daniel Zakharov, who we first learned about on My Modern Met. He started his Modern Wilderness series as a way to “focus on the strange and bizarre daily life of animals.” He writes on his website: “Nowadays animals are born in captivity, between concrete, tiling, cement-slab buildings, and artificial landscapes instead of the endless stretch of nature. In the meantime the zoo has become home for the animals, and they have lost the memory of their ancestral breeding grounds.” … Read More

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Adorable Photos Documenting the Friendship Between a Girl and Her Cat

Meet Katherine and her adorable British Shorthair cat named LiLu Blue Royal Lada. Andy Prokh, Katherine’s father, has been documenting his daughter’s friendship with the family pet for several years (she’s now 4, and LiLu is six). “They’ve lived their whole lives together,” he told My Modern Met. “I like to take photos of them, because I love them both, and I’ve always believed a photographer must love what he shoots.” The narrative, black-and-white portraits are a beautiful reminder of the love pets provide for us and the unique relationships we form with them. … Read More

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A ‘Game of Thrones’ Bestiary

“You can’t tame a wild thing. You can’t trust a wild thing… Wild creatures have their own rules, their own reasons, and you’ll never know them,” Kit Harington’s Jon Snow learns in season two of Game of Thrones. The HBO series is filled with wild things — mythical beasts and shadowy creatures that live in the ancient woodland of Westeros. We’ve been introduced to some of those species, many which bear a close resemblance to real-world animals and folkloric beings. Others have yet to be revealed, their presence teased in the season three trailer fans have been replaying for weeks. In anticipation of this Sunday’s premiere, we’ve compiled a Game of Thrones bestiary that collects the fascinating details about many of the animals and creatures from the George R. R. Martin books and the show. We’ve tried to avoid sharing too many plot details, but there could be spoilers. Bookmark this creature compendium for future reference, and add your own entries in the comments section. … Read More

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Whimsical Portraits of Animals Modeling Trendy Human Clothes

What’s better than wild animals and fashionable clothes? Well, wild animals modeling fashionable clothes, of course. Barcelona-based artist Yago Partal‘s Zoo Portraits, which we discovered via Fubiz,is a series of lighthearted, beautifully executed photo manipulations that place animal heads on well-dressed human shoulders. Flip through and see if your favorite animal made the cut, and visit the project’s website to order prints. … Read More

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Unbelievably Detailed Wood Sculptures of Animals

To some, the idea of working on an anatomically correct sculpture 10 to 12 hours a day, shaving hundreds of wood chips from a solid hunk of cedar, sounds tedious. For Russian artist, Sergei Bobkov, who we learned about on MSN, it’s a passion. His Siberian cedar chip animal creations take about six months to complete (with no days off), but he has his technique down to a science. After carving the chips, he lets them soak in water for several days, and then carefully whittles them down to the necessary shapes. Every now and then he’ll add willow and beech chips to the sculptures. Each piece contains incredible texture, giving Bobkov’s creatures lifelike feathers and fur. Take a closer look in our gallery. … Read More

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Ghostly Photos of Wild Animals Invading Urban Areas

Britannie Bond’s photo series The Wilderness Project, which we spotted at Faith is Torment, explores the artist’s “animal vocabulary” by contrasting wild creatures with the concrete jungle. Ghostly images of lions, buffalos, and other animals are superimposed onto photos of the city — the real badlands. Some of the pictures appear to suggest that the animals have stormed the urban front to take back the land, while others show beasts that have given up hope. Several awkwardly try to navigate their new place in the world amongst the high-rises. See more in our gallery. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we visited astonishing, cliffside attractions. We read passages from some horrible sex scenes throughout literary history. We learned about the tragic stories of unlucky lottery winners. We got schooled on the little-known facts of Boy Meets World. We found out how Selena Gomez is… Read More

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More Than Human: Striking, Glamorous Portraits of Animals

Wow, these animals got poise! Check out the photographs of Tim Flach for a monkey giving you a smoldering over-the-should look. Watch an armadillo swagger elegantly along. See a plucked rooster pirouette. Spotted by Fubiz, these glossy, carefully-composed shots show us a side of nature we’re not used to seeing — professionally studio-lit, for one thing. Yes, there’s something quite awkward about the out-of-context, artificial glamor of these animals, but then again, it’s a chance to admire each hair strand on top of this charming creature’s head and every waving tendril on the surface of that funky sea critter’s body. Click through for a selection of our favorite images, and for more gorgeous photos from the same series, pick up a copy of Flach’s new book, More Than Human. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we appreciated these hairless movie villains. We gazed at photos of baby animals, because science told us it would make us more focused. We read Iggy and The Stooges’ snarky tour rider. We memorized all the Twitter info for our favorite fall TV shows.… Read More

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Portraits of Power Animals by Andreas Preis

People may joke about their power animals (or they don’t joke), but it’s true that we humans ascribe various qualities and strengths to our animal friends, whether we see them as the embodiment of certain attributes or just blessed with really awesome skills. Andreas Preis, whose work we recently spotted over at Visual News, illustrates these animals, along with the word he thinks they embody, in a series that is charmingly reminiscent of those cheesy motivational posters you see in classrooms — if they were made of stained glass and hanging on the rough walls of animals’ dens, that is. Click through to check out Preis’s Alive series, and then be sure to head on over to his website to check out more of his work. … Read More

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