Lady Gaga Closes Roseland Ballroom: Links You Need to See

What do Chace Crawford and Game of Thrones’ Ser Jorah Marmont have in common? Well, both are handsome, a little dense, and going nowhere with their dreams (way harsh, Tai). Ba-dum-tss! Here are today’s links: … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we channeled our inner archaeologists with news about a burial chamber filled with more than 80 mummies and a dozen infant remains. We judged 40 ’90s boy band members on their current hotness. We read 20 panels of Archie out of context. We browsed the lost projects of… Read More

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The 10 Best Songs by Cartoon Musicians

We all know the mental agony that is the earworm, the frustration of having one song unwelcomely soundtrack your actions throughout a day, from shampooing your hair to hailing a cab. This torture crosses over into the realm of humiliation when the tune you can’t stop humming is performed by a group of cartoon characters. And yet, our enjoyment of these songs isn’t always unwarranted — plenty of the songs we hear on cartoons are catchy as hell. So plug in your earphones and turn away from nearby coworkers because we’ve compiled a list of undeniably good jams that just so happen to have been sung by animated musicians. Check out our choices after the jump and be sure to leave your own suggestions in the comments. … Read More

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When Real Political Figures Cameo in Comic Books

It was announced yesterday that a forthcoming issue of Archie will feature President Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. In Archie #616: Campaign Pain Part 1, which will be released this December, Obama and Palin become involved in an “out of control” campaign for student government between Archie and Reggie. And yes, a second part comes out a month later in which Riverdale becomes “the center of a national crisis” that somehow involves the Secret Service. Of course this isn’t the first time a politician has made a cameo in a comic book. Click through for more examples, including an earlier appearance by President Obama. … Read More

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Daily Dose Pick: Comic Art Propaganda

Fredrik Stromberg’s Comic Art Propaganda: A Graphic History examines the manipulative power of a medium all too often dismissed as mere superficial entertainment.

From WWII-era Batman and Superman raising war bonds to girl-power oriented manga and rare, Christianity-heavy Archie strips, the book’s collected images feature ideology-charged visual narratives that show a different platform for the art form. Though featured comics vary in subject from racism and religion to sex and drugs, the range of underlying messages is far more nuanced — and absurd — than the obvious “us versus them” subtext. … Read More

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