A Pillow Designed for Sneaking Office Naps

While office design is moving increasingly away from the high-walled cubicle and more towards shared open spaces, sometimes, you just need that private space. Design studio kawamura-ganjavian has come up with a punchy solution for those sudden mid-workday bouts of I-can’t-take-it-anymore: OSTRICH, a pocket pillow that “offers a micro environment in which to take a warm and comfortable power nap at ease.” In other words, it’s almost like you’ve hopped into a sensory-deprivation tank (at least from the neck up) — without ever having to leave your desk. … Read More

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Cozy Podhouses to Pass the Winter Months In

Ernest Hemingway famously likened a good book to that “pleasant sound coyotes make on a very cold night when they are outside in the snow and you are in your own cabin that you have built or paid for with your own work.” Well, imagine reading a good book on a snowy night nestled in one of these cozy pods. The PodHotel in Flims, Switzerland offers visitors the chance to experience the “camping of the 21st century,” and while we’re unsure what that exactly means, we’d be more than willing to spend our winter evenings in these little huts. … Read More

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The Creation of “The World” Commences

It would be superfluous to go on about the conceptual and social vacuity of “The World” in Dubai. That much has become the standard, even knee-jerk critique of the project – expounded by notions such as the ideological perils of “Google Earth Urbanism” and the woeful exploitation of migrant workers – of which matters little to the absurdly wealthy patrons who will shore up on one (or two!) of the project’s three hundred man-made archipelagos. The large, vaguely urban scheme, which spans an area of 6 by 9 kilometers, was debuted nearly 10 years ago, yet has been stalled periodically ever since due in part to the global recession. Despite the setbacks, the first attraction to be completed, the World Island Beach Club on “Lebanon Island,” is set to open in a matter of weeks. No, the following images were not photoshopped. … Read More

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Architizer Picks: A Top 10 of SoCal Architecture

Following its debut last November, architecture database and networking site Architizer is doing as an American pioneer should and sallying forth to the West Coast. Launching tomorrow in Los Angeles with a bash at the A+D Museum, Architizer is spreading its design/build web over contemporary architecture projects from sea to shining sea. We checked in with the crew and had them curate a selection of LA’s best architecture to mark the launch; ogle their ten picks after the… Read More

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Architizer: Buildings, Meet Social Media

Any good architecture fanboy or -girl knows where to source building eye candy on the internet: ArchDaily, Contemporist, Dezeen. But what about the story behind the pictures, all the little connections that wrap the field of architecture in its insular little bubble? Welp, in the parlance of our times, there’s an app for that. Architizer is a new social media site that aims to link all members of the design/build community, searchable by job titles, location, client, type of project, architecture trends, and so on. And the pictures aren’t bad. Take a look with us after the… Read More

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