Guessing Game: Historical Hotties Edition

The wit and wisdom of humorist, author, and orator Mark Twain has secured his place as the father of American literature. Today is the mustachioed writer’s birthday. In the process of revisiting his writings and photographs — images of a bushy-haired gent in a white linen suit that matched his locks — we spotted a pic of a barely recognizable, handsome young Twain. We went searching for other photos of historical figures (and a few pop culture icons for good measure) who looked vastly different when they were younger and decided to make it a game. See if you can guess the identity of these historical oldheads, several who have always seemed eternally ancient in our minds, by looking at their photos as fine young things. Feel free to confess your new crush, below. … Read More

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10 of the Most Precocious Authors in Literary History

The 150th anniversary of Edith Wharton’s birth has brought all sorts of fun biographical information to our attention. For example, we recently learned about her favorite childhood game “Making Up,” a strange combination of chanting, pacing, and inventing stories. This vile behavior of course concerned Edith’s blue-blood parents, but as we all know, it was only a precursor to the genius that was to come. Which got us thinking: what were other famously precocious authors doing as kids? (Hint: Stephen King was the coolest.) Click through to see what we found and be sure to add those we missed! … Read More

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