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Awesome Infographic: All the Explosions in Michael Bay Movies

In the typical Michael Bay movie, it seems like something is exploding every few seconds — a car, a person, a building, our collective sense that entertainment should be more than just a poorly connected series of expensive special effects. And it turns out that we’re not really exaggerating. The folks at Frankenspace… Read More

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Awesome Infographic: Will Arnett Is Taking Over Your TV

What do 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and Arrested Development have in common? You know, besides hilarious scripts, cult fan bases, and wonderful casts. That’s right: As this chart mapping the actor overlap between the three shows illustrates, they all feature Will Arnett. In the years since AD‘s cancellation, Gob Bluth has popped up in… Read More

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Awesome Infographic: Murders in ‘New Yorker’ Cartoons by Decade

The ’00s were an unusually dark decade, at least if New Yorker cartoons are any indication. At the magazine’s website, cartoon editor Robert Mankoff tracks the number of murders depicted in them by decade, beginning in the 1930s — and finds that the first ten years of the 21st century featured more homicides than every other era besides the ’40s (which makes some sense, considering that’s when the US was involved in World War II). Cartoon characters were safest from violent crime in the ’70s and ’80s, when the magazine’s comics included two and zero murders, respectively. See the data graphed after the jump, then visit Mankoff’s New Yorker blog to read his entertaining analysis of the fluctuation from decade to decade. … Read More

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Which of the All-Time Top 100 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books Is Right for You?

With Game of Thrones burning up both the HBO ratings and the best seller charts, and movies like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and Rise of the Planet of the Apes dominating the box office, it’s clear science fiction and fantasy are having a moment. So, if you’re new to genre fiction,… Read More

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Awesome Infographic: The Largest Photo Libraries in the World

We’ve never really stopped to think about the relative sizes of the world’s photo libraries before, but this infographic from the 1000 Memories blog made us look twice. Sure, the photographs housed in the Library of Congress photo library are without a doubt better on average than anything you’d find on Facebook, but the idea that a social networking site has the rights to the lion’s share of the world’s photography still makes us quiver just a little bit. If that weren’t enough, click through for another infographic showing the extremely sharp decline of analog photography after about 2002 and shed a tear for the fate of the physical. … Read More

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Awesome Infographic: The Robot Matrix

The future has been getting a lot of highbrow play recently. The Future is, for instance, an excellent new movie by Miranda July — and it’s also the theme of the new Lapham’s Quarterly. Today, the magazine is previewing their fall issue at Brain Pickings, with one of their famously fascinating infographics. The Robot Matrix gives a brief and entertaining history of automatons, from Greek mythology to the inevitable US army robot of the future, each graphed according to its intelligence, cuddle value, and creep factor. Where on the matrix would your favorite robot turn up? … Read More

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Awesome Infographic: Who Works the Most Around the World

It’s Labor Day, which means you’re probably not reading this post at your office desk. Congratulations on that! But you know what? If you lived in Belgium, you might not even need an entire holiday celebrating your efforts as a good worker bee. The average Belgian works seven hours a day compared to our 8.3 hours — which works out to a difference of about two weeks of extra labor over the course of a year for Americans. Curious how other countries’ work hours compare to our own? Click through to find out who has the longest average working day in the world and who does the most unpaid labor. … Read More

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Awesome Infographic: A Taxonomy of Weird Wrestler Names

Ladies and gentlemen, fighting from the blue corner: a new infographic from Pop Chart Lab, the same people who brought us the Periodic Table of Metal, this time breaking down professional wrestlers’ stage names by theme and semantic relationships, separating the many varietals into five main categories: Animals, Place of Origin,… Read More

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Awesome Infographic: How Each Jason Voorhees Victim Died

Horror fans, what’s your favorite Jason Voorhees murder? There’s the shish kebab formerly known as Jeff and Sandra; Sheriff Garris, who got ripped in half; and, of course, those poor ravers from Freddy vs. Jason. Well, you can take your time deciding, thanks to this great National Post infographic, which shows how each… Read More

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Awesome Infographic: Venn Diagram of Author Sensibility

Over at HTMLGiant, Jimmy Chen has created a great infographic separating some of his favorite writers into three categories, with, of course, copious amount of overlap. He writes, “I think of all writing being from the head (pros: cerebral, conceptual; cons: didactic, dry), the mouth (pros: language, poetics; cons: empty banter, pure form), and the heart (pros:… Read More

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