Azealia Banks

Listen to Azealia Banks’ First Single Since Leaving Her Label, “Heavy Metal and Reflective”

After none of her subsequent tracks could come near the perfection of “212,” it seemed like Azealia Banks was fated to… Read More

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A Guide to Celebrities Who Are the Absolute Worst On Social Media

Ah, yes, celebrities: they’re just like us. Which means some of them are just as annoying as your aunt on Facebook, as unnecessarily cranky as your old college roommate on Twitter, and as insufferable as your #humblebrag colleague on Instagram. They’re basically The Worst, with the icing on the cake being that they have a built-in web audience since they’re celebrities. Here’s a guide to the worst offenders, from Ted Nugent to Jason Biggs to… Read More

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The 50 Best Debut Singles in Music History

The music nerd contingent at Flavorwire central recently got a-talking about our favorite debut single. The list is nearly endless, but once you start to think about it, picking out the best isn’t quite as easy as you might think — “Alison” wasn’t Elvis Costello’s first single, for instance, nor was “Take Me Out” Franz Ferdinand’s debut or “Unfinished Sympathy” Massive Attack’s. Of course, this discussion inevitably led to list-making, and here’s the result: our picks for the 50 best debut singles the world of music has to… Read More

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30 Great Songs by Terrible Artists

Pretty much every good band has written its fair share of bad songs — for every “Eleanor Rigby” there’s an “Octopus’s Garden”; for every “Famous Blue Raincoat” there’s a “Jazz Police.” But what about bad bands writing good songs? There’s a theory that even the worst acts have at least one good song in them, so in the spirit of investigation, we thought we’d see if we could put together a survey of great songs by largely terrible bands. Here are the… Read More

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10 Celebrities We Wish Would Quit Twitter

Former married couple Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold recently destroyed each other on Twitter over, well, divorced couple stuff. Barr was not happy after Arnold tweeted about giving his old wedding videos to Goodwill, and the resulting feud was not just biting (“I’ve got old wedding videos from several women. Why you think it’s all about YOU? Good lord I feel sorry for Monsanto with you on their asses”), but pretty depressing. It was like listening to your parents fight, and hearing it all through social media made it that much worse. Both of them could probably use a break from Twitter, as well as the following ten celebrities. … Read More

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The 5 Best Songs We Heard This Week: Azealia Banks, Dan Deacon

This has been a short week for the music industry, just like it has been for everyone else, so we’re limiting our regular Friday roundup of the best new tracks we heard this week to five instead of our usual ten. But never fear, because there’s still plentiful goodness laying in wait after the jump — there’s a beautiful new song from ever-reliable Brooklyn psych-folk aficionados Woods, along with a rollicking new track from Dan Deacon, spacey Afrofuturistic goodness from Ras G and the Afrikan Space Program, the return of Chelsea Wolfe, and a reminder that Azealia Banks still exists. Click through to listen! … Read More

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Azealia Banks Premieres “ATM Jam” (ft. Pharrell) at Glastonbury

Here’s the latest dispatch in the never-ending buildup to Azealia Banks’s debut album, Broke with Expensive Taste: brand-new track “ATM… Read More

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The 10 Most Overhyped Albums of 2013 So Far

It’s getting toward the middle of the year, which means it’s the time when music bloggers start looking back at the year so far. It’s been an excellent year for music thus far, and we’ll be getting to the best of 2013 in due course, but given that the last week has been given over to a mystifying wave of hype over hitherto largely unheralded UK siblings Disclosure, it seems a good time to survey the fact that 2013 has also been a year in which people have gotten very, very excited over certain albums, so much so that I suspect we may find ourselves looking back in due course and asking ourselves quite what we were thinking. With this in mind, here are the most overhyped albums of the year to date. To clarify: these albums aren’t necessarily bad, although some definitely are. They’re just a study in the way that Internet hype can snowball. … Read More

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Watch the Video for Azealia Banks’ “Young Rapunxel”

Azealia Banks has released the video for “Young Rapunxel,” the single she’s been rolling out for weeks. The Lil Internet-produced… Read More

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