Barbara Walters

No Collar Victory: David Letterman’s Goodbye to Late Night

The lead-in to David Letterman’s goodbye to television was a mercilessly long Survivor special that concluded a season of experimental class warfare. Pitched as a battle between “white collar,” “no collar,” and “blue collar” contestants, the show canceled itself out predictably in the middle. While watching dutifully, I couldn’t help but wonder if this new Survivor, with its “no collar” victory, was nothing but a pale simulation of David Letterman’s 33-year-long “no collar victory” — his everyman’s war of attrition against all competitors in late night television. … Read More

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Clever Photoshops of Contemporary Magazine Covers Into Classic Artworks

Filipino artist Eisen Bernard knows Tilda Swinton belongs in a work of art — which is why he Photoshopped her into one, along with dozens of other celebrities featured on magazine covers, for his Tumblr Mag + Art. The concept is simple and the execution flawless: highly stylized magazine portraits are blended seamlessly into masterworks from the likes of John Singer Sargent, Jacques-Louis David, and Rene Magritte. Click through to see for yourself that Achilles has never looked better than with James Franco’s face. All images courtesy of Eisen Bernard. … Read More

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