Get Ready for the and Joanna Lumley Doc You Never Knew You Wanted

This may be one of the strangest – and most intriguing – pop-cultural combinations imaginable: Joanna Lumley (of Ab Fab).… Read More

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‘Sherlock’ Season 3 Premiere Recap: “The Empty Hearse”

After taking a two-year hiatus so its costars could take a jaunt through Middle Earth, Sherlock in 2014 is less a season premiere than a relaunch. Going into its New Years’ Day UK airdate, “The Empty Hearse” was staring down a daunting series of tasks. Could Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat live up to the fan anticipation, which approached hysteria on certain sections of Tumblr? Could they move the show past Moriarty and make it into a sustainable series? Most importantly, could they provide a decent answer to the “how did he do it” question? … Read More

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Get Your First Peek at ‘Sherlock’ Season 3

At last: our first peek at the long-awaited third season of the BBC’s wonderful Sherlock. Not much to go on, it’s… Read More

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10 Essential Animal Documentaries

Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s Blackfish is an eye-opening documentary about animals in captivity, with a special focus on the orca Tilikum, who is currently kept at SeaWorld Orlando. The controversial creature is connected to the deaths of three people, including trainer Dawn Brancheau. Blackfish calls into question the safety measures, conditions, and treatment of captive animals, and makes a strong case for the orcas’ intelligence, awareness, and emotion. As moviegoers always on the lookout for compelling animal documentaries that supersede the humdrum nature shows — Blackfish in particular unfolds like a thriller — we’ve rounded up a list of other essential documentaries that call to the wild. … Read More

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Why Sherlock Holmes Superfans Are Wrong About ‘Elementary’

Flavorwire is celebrating Memorial Day with The Year in TV, a series of features on the 2012-13 TV season, which ends this month.

Confession: my best friend is a Sherlock Holmes superfan. She has merch. She’s read all the books. She’s written a cycle of (really great) poems based on his legend. I, meanwhile, have read a few of the adventures, seen a few of the Granada episodes, and find Sherlock in all his incarnations — as Robert Downey Jr., as Benedict Cumberbatch, as Johnny Lee Miller — mightily cute. Earlier this year, I was the Watson to my friend’s Holmes at a Sherlock Holmes charity ball, where I met several other superfans. No one had very nice things to say about Elementary. … Read More

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Flavorwire Interview: Armando Iannucci Says ‘Veep’ Gets Personal in Season 2

Armando Iannucci’s characters, whether on his HBO series Veep, his BBC show The Thick of It, or that show’s film spin-off In the Loop, all share one common trait: a gift for inventive, ingenious insults and profanity. So while it’s not exactly a shock that Mr. Iannucci is such a cheerful, soft-spoken, and friendly chap, it is a bit of a relief; what’s surprising is that he insists, “I don’t swear myself!” In the worlds he’s writing about, “there is a fair amount of profanity but profanity can be quite dull.” With his characters, though, “we try and make it as interesting as possible so it’s not so much the swear words, it’s more the phrases around the swear words that make it more interesting.” … Read More

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BBC’s ‘Sherlock’ Reimagined As an Animated Series

On this most special of Sherlockian days (it’s 221B day, of course), The Mary Sue has pointed us towards illustrator Angela Taratuta‘s excellent series of redrawn screencaps from the BBC Sherlock‘s take on “A Scandal in Belgravia.” Though some of Benedict Cumberbatch’s incredible facial weirdness is lost in the glossy animated wash, we still think she’s got both Holmes and Watson pretty well pegged — and this is a cartoon series we would totally watch. Check out a few of our favorites after the jump, and view the full set here. … Read More

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