Breathtaking Sand Paintings Adorning the Beaches of California

The beaches of Northern California are transformed into swirling artworks and stunning geometric designs after Andres Amador uses a rake and rope on them. The San Francisco-born artist’s organic “beach murals” take about two hours to create during low tide and can measure 90,000 square feet and beyond. “There is an esoteric fractal quality of being within the pattern that is being made — it feels to have relevance in other aspects of my life, of building a larger pattern from the inside, not fully knowing what is resulting,” writes Amador. While the artist connects with each sand painting during the process, he fully accepts when nature erases his masterpiece: “Ultimately, when it is finished, I let it go. For me the energy and draw is around the act of creation.” See more of Amador’s beautiful sandscapes, which we first spotted on Beautiful/Decay, below. … Read More

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Flavorwire Premiere: Purple’s “Beach Buddy” Is Your Perfect Punk Summer Jam

Party punks with a feminist streak, Purple proudly hail from east Texas — Beaumont, an oil town, to be exact. But you wouldn’t know it based on “Beach Buddy,” one of the highlights off 409, their recently released debut album. The infectious summer anthem, which sounds like The Strokes if they pulled a Ramones and hit up Rockaway Beach, finds drummer and primary vocalist Hanna Brewer trading sweet and sour harmonies with guitarist Taylor Busby over their sandy philandering. … Read More

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Gorgeously Geometric Aerial Photos of Colorful Umbrellas on an Italian Beach

In the second week of September, we’re all waving goodbye to the beach — so we might as well do it from thousands of feet in the air. Bernhard Lang, a Munich-based photographer who specializes in stunning aerial work, does just that in a series of lovely shots taken high above Italy’s Adriatic coastline. Aside from the natural beauty of these beaches, there’s great aesthetic pleasure to be taken in the colorful rows of umbrellas, arranged on the sand with a sort of idiosyncratic, geometric precision. Click through to enjoy some highlights from the series, which we spotted via Faith is Torment, and visit Lang’s Behance page for more of his work. … Read More

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10 of the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches

It’s the last leg of summer, which has us pining for spontaneous vacations to faraway places. Trips to the beach offer a final reprieve from the cold months ahead. As you wind down from another wonderful summer, we wanted to leave you with a few photos of some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Colorful sand, local wildlife, and exotic locations populate this stunning selection of seaside destinations. It’s never too soon to start planning your next trip. … Read More

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50 Places Every Film Fan Should Visit

If you hadn’t noticed, Flavorwire isn’t just your home for cultural criticism and commentary; we’re also your online travel agent for pop pilgrimages. After the enthusiastic responses to our lists of must-see literary and music places, it seemed only appropriate to compile a similar guide to film places of note: museums, tours, theaters, but most of all the locations where your favorite movies were… Read More

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The 10 Albums You Need to Hear in May

As ever, we’re starting out a new month by poring over the schedules of upcoming album releases and distilling the slew of new music on offer into the form of a convenient list of the ten records you really, really should hear over the next four weeks or so. May looks like a particularly strong month — there are at least two albums that might well end up on our year-end Top 10 list (Savages and Majical Cloudz), along with a bunch of other good stuff from the likes of The National, Beaches, Standish/Carlyon, and plenty… Read More

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The 10 Best New Songs We Heard This Week: The National, Jay-Z

It’s Friday afternoon, which means that we’re resolutely ignoring the rain as we contemplate the weekend, and also looking back over the best new songs we heard this week. Over the last seven days, we’ve gotten all gloomily excited about the new National album, reminded ourselves that Jay-Z can still actually rap every so often, got all summery to new songs by Beaches and Woods, marveled at how beautiful the new Eluvium track is, enjoyed new stuff from Standish/Carlyon and Tin Trails, and more. All these tracks await you below — get streaming and/or downloading, readers! … Read More

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The 10 Best New Songs We Heard This Week: Joanna Newsom, Beaches

Over the last year or so, we’ve been spending our Friday mornings rounding up the best downloadable MP3s from around the web. Over that time, it’s become clear that the (legally) downloadable MP3 is in something of a decline — the advent of Soundcloud and Bandcamp has meant that bands are far more inclined to stream their work than offer it up for free, which is entirely fair enough, and it’s also meant that of late we’ve missed being able to share a whole bunch of new music that wasn’t downloadable. So from here on in, we’re sharing the best new songs we’ve heard over the course of the week, and offering them up for you to stream at your leisure. This inaugural edition features work from Joanna Newsom, Beaches, Dam-Funk, Motion Sickness of Time Travel, and plenty more. Happy Friday! … Read More

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Amazing Aerial Photos of Beautiful Beaches

Today in “I want to go to there”: the work of Gray Malin, a Los Angeles-based photographer who you may have spotted on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or My Life on the D-List. For an ambitious series titled À la plage, à la piscine, which we spotted via Trendland, Malin traveled around the world, leaning out of doorless helicopters to shoot some of the most gorgeous beaches and pools on the planet. The photos we’ve gathered — which are only a small sampling of the collection — capture sun, sand, surf, and the bathers who come to soak them up, from North America to Central and South America to Europe to Australia. Take a virtual vacation after the jump, and visit Malin’s website to see more of his work or buy a print. Malin’s photos will also be on sale Wednesday, August 1st at One Kings Lane. … Read More

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Famous Bands and the Indie Musicians Who Should Open for Them

You may or may not have seen that new show called Opening Act last night, wherein a team of “industry judges” – viz. Mary J Blige, Olivia Lee, and that unpleasant English guy from Popstars and So You Think You Can Dance – judge various hapless bands for the right to support huge stars like, um, LMFAO or Jason Mrazzzzzzzzzzz. Still, the show did get us thinking about how plenty of great bands have started their careers by playing some support slots that seem hilarious in retrospect, from Radiohead opening for Alanis Morrissette to Jimi Hendrix opening for the Monkees. And that, in turn, got us thinking about support slots we’d love to see some of our favorite bands play. In view of this, we thought we’d amuse ourselves by looking at some dream hypothetical line-ups, featuring some big-name (or biggish-name, at least) headline acts, past and present, along with the indie bands we’d love to have seen open for them. … Read More

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