Betty Boop

Vintage Holiday Cartoons You Can Watch Right Now

Once upon a time we were all small and a lot less jaded — and that’s when the holidays were the most fun. We’ve been getting into the spirit of the season by examining holiday traditions and curating some fun gift guides, but today we’re taking it back to the golden age of cartoons. These vintage animated shorts are probably before your time, but they should help inspire memories of old-school holiday celebrations and make you feel like a kid again. … Read More

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Analyzing Pop Stars’ Obsessions with Childhood Icons

Over the years, we’ve noticed that some of our favorite pop artists have tastes that skew towards the bright, bubbly, and intended-for-children. Cartoon couture is everywhere, from Lil Wayne’s leopard print Mickey Mouse T-shirt to Katy Perry’s Betty Boop-inspired dresses. But what exactly does that say about the pop star in question? Sure, Britney Spears’ mouse ears reference her time spent in the Mickey Mouse Club, but for others the meaning is not so clear. We take a crack at some pop (music) psychology about pop stars and their childhood idols, after the jump. … Read More

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10 Cartoon Ladies With Killer Style

In about a week Shout Factory will be releasing a sparkly pink box set of JEM and The Holograms. The truly outrageous series follows Starlight Music maven Jerrica Benton and her pop music alter-ego, Jem, who leads the band The Holograms. The show has gained a sizable cult following over the years thanks to all the glamour, glitter, fashion, and fame. While the boyfriend drama and scuffles with sinister rival bands, The Misfits and The Stingers, are amusing to watch (note: we never noticed how many catastrophic, fiery explosions happened on the show until recently), Jem’s unlimited wardrobe of ’80s-riffic fashions always wowed us. And her glam rock makeup, and her giant pink hair (everyone’s coiffure is enormous, actually). What other cartoon ladies had great personal style? Here’s our list of fashionable favorites. Now tell us your picks. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, the design-minded among us fell in love with this CMYK version of Twister. We watched a baby gorilla attempt to take its first steps. We discovered Snack to the Future — a Tumblr that combines hilariously bad food puns with existing movie titles. We appreciated the… Read More

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By the Numbers: The 120 Days of Simon

Swedish neutrality has come to an end. Publisher Top Shelf has prepared a full Scandinavian broadside on the American comics scene with five titles storming our shores in the month of April. The standout of the bunch is underground rapper and cartoonist Simon Gärdenfors’ insanely entertaining memoir, the 120 Days of Simon.

The premise: Simon’s turning 29 and his world needs a shake up. Inspired by, of all people, the Amish, who let their teenagers run wild before returning to the fold, he sublets his apartment and spends four months on the road, vowing to never stay in the same place more than two days. Part stunt book, part quarterlife crisis, 120 Days chronicles the weirdness that follows. Simon has liquor bottles smashed over his head, chants with the Hare Krishnas, gets drunk at an aquarium, and explains the practices of the Karela Sect, who advocated the stroking of each other’s anuses with pastry brushes. … Read More

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