Four-Disc ‘Beyoncé Platinum Edition Box Set’ to Be Released Nov. 24

While there is no confirmation still of Beyoncé’s (very) rumored, but perhaps spurious, second “surprise” album — a surprise… Read More

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Beyoncé Might Be Releasing Another Album

There have been rumors floating around on social media that Beyoncé is planning to drop another surprise album any time… Read More

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First In-Depth Biography of Beyoncé in the Works

Celebrity biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli (who penned the bios of Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, the Kennedys and the Hiltons) will be… Read More

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Lena Dunham Emails Zadie Smith About Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj, Plus Other Revelations from the ‘Not That Kind of Girl’ Tour

Last night, Lena Dunham brought her 12-city book tour behind Not That Kind of Girl back home with a variety show of quirk, feminism, and friendship for Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Unbound series. The 90-minute event moved quickly, starting with cat-driven stand-up from Mike Birbiglia and a three-song set from Jack Antonoff of fun. and Bleachers (familiar to Not That Kind of Girl readers in the role of good-guy boyfriend). Dunham read two pieces from her nonfiction collection — an essay about her younger sister, Grace, and one of the book’s humorous lists of gaffes — to the intimate crowd, which included her mother Laurie Simmons and actor Jon Glaser (Parks and Recreation) sitting in the front row. Then the show really began. … Read More

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How Not to Mention ‘American Horror Story’ : Links You Need to See

Because I told myself I wouldn’t talk about [a certain show pertaining to the country I’m currently in and that country’s circus performers who might experience and/or engender some horrific stuff] for the rest of the day, I’ll try to get the first two bits about [Below-Canadian Spooky Anecdote: [Politically Incorrect Word] Extravaganza] out quickly. … Read More

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Zola Jesus On Her Pop Dreams: “When You’re So Full of Passion, It Can Really Intimidate People”

“I used to think humility was everything,” Nika Roza Danilova pleads atop a cryptic electronic beat on “Ego,” the high point of her fifth album, Taiga. Meeting the 25-year-old singer-songwriter, who’s better known as Zola Jesus, you’d never think she struggles with keeping her hubris in check. Her self-aware vision has surgical precision, and it extends to the way she discusses her art; no rambling allowed. But that doesn’t mean she’s not affable and relatable, which may surprise some who’ve taken to heart the “goth” label that’s often been tacked on to describe Danilova’s experimental pop. … Read More

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Will Fashion Ever Embrace Feminism as More Than Just a Trend?

Feminism and fashion have always been uneasy bedmates, linked by a common constituency but separated by very different objectives. The impasse came to a head not once but twice during Paris Fashion Week, where the usually infallible Stella McCartney ruffled feathers after her show when she said, “Strength on its own in a woman is quite abrasive and not terribly attractive all the time. This collection is really celebrating the gentle side.” … Read More

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Auto-Decapitating Babies and Leg-Penises Abound in ‘AHS: Freak Show’ Credits: Links You Need to See

American Horror Story is having a freakishly busy day. Not too long after we wrote a massive dissection of its short first trailer, we got news of the release of the opening credits, which, as usual, tend to trump the quality of the actual show. The titles, using a carnivalesque version of the same credit score the show’s always used, also take some artistic liberties with character portrayals, featuring a performer with a leg for a penis, as well as babies that auto-decapitate and then re-capitate (should be a word). It’s so carnivalesque, in fact, that it might simply make you miss the oh-so-prematuraly cancelled Carnivale.  … Read More

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