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The 25 Best Music Documentaries on Netflix Streaming


As the wise bard Madonna once said, “Music makes the people come together,” and she was right. Music is a source of magic in the life of human beings on earth. Sometimes people want to live inside a song so much that they make documentaries, bringing some visual acuity to aural pleasure. The best examples of this particular genre take your favorite songs, or songs you haven’t even heard before, and show how music leaves a mark on us. We rounded up a wild collection of 25 movies, from Oscar winners to cult oddities to Ken Burns, that you can watch …Read More

‘A Man Called Destruction’ Is the Only Book on Alex Chilton You Ever Need to Read


“I guess my life has been a series of flukes in the record business. The first thing I ever did was record the biggest record I’ll ever have,” Alex Chilton once said, a quote recounted in Holly George-Warren’s essential biography, A Man Called Destruction, about the musician who was canonized as a rock and roll saint even before his death in 2010. And yes, if you’re only judging by how much money it made, “The Letter,” the single from his teenage band the Box Tops, was Chilton’s biggest hit. Yet if you took everything else he did, from his work with the band Big Star to his production work on the first Cramps album and for The Gories, Chilton’s importance in the history of music actually resembles that of John Cale (founding member of the original greatest band that nobody paid attention to while they were around, responsible for few solo albums that should be considered classics, and producer for artists from Nick Drake to Patti Smith).
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